H&M Online Shop Review

If you are not already aware, H&M Online Shop just opened recently and they now deliver to the Philippines and other selected Asian countries! I got notified via email about the launch of the H&M Online Shop because I signed up for their newsletter. I stumble upon their site before the launch because I was looking for their advent calendar. I saw that if I sign up for the newsletter they will give you 20% discount plus free shipping as soon as they launch their online shop. I thought that's a good offer so I signed up. I was hoping to get their advent calendar when they opened. Unfortunately, they do not offer H&M home in their online shop yet! What a bomber!

When they finally launched H&M Online Shop in late October this year (2017), I browsed the site as soon as I read their email notification about the launch, together with my 20% discount and free delivery code. I ended up buying two things only. But I guess my experience using the site was enough for me to write an H&M Online Shop Review. 

I bought a shirt and joggers for Jarvis. I love to shop clothes for Jarvis at H&M (physical store) because my husband and I like their style. Their baby clothes are also budget-friendly and comfortable to wear. To be honest, we are the type of parents who don't buy a lot of clothes for our baby. We prefer to spend our money on some meaningful Montessori inspired materials/toys or child size materials for Jarvis

Side note: I thought I'll never enjoy shopping for a baby boy because I am such a girly girl but I was wrong. Baby boy is fun to dress up too. Also, my husband and I are the kinds of parents who like to dress Jarvis like he's a grown-up. We like shirts and pants that are mini versions of what a grown-up man will wear. But we make sure that he's comfortable and we still try to give him choices. It's safe to say that we are enjoying dressing him the way we want while it lasts because there will come a time when he will be old enough to really choose his own clothes. By then, we will give him the freedom to choose his own clothes as long as it's appropriate. 

Now going back to my H&M Online Shop Review before we get sidetracked.

Here are the things I like about the site.

Items were well packaged and in good condition- The product arrived exactly 10 working days from the time I ordered. They came in an H&M delivery bag and both items were in their separate plastics bags.  

The site is easy to navigate- Especially in the kid section because they break down the categories by age in months and gender. Actually, this is one advantage of shopping to their online shop, you don't have to walk around aimlessly to find what you are looking for. Online, you just have to click what section you want to go to and viola, you will be presented with a wide variety of choices. I know some people enjoy browsing at the physical store but I am not one of those. If I can buy everything I need online, I'll be all for it! 

Great selection of clothes for babies/toddlers/kids- I am a big fan of old school rock bands and my eyes bulged when I saw that they have shirts with my favorite rock bands for 1 yr old! I would've bought the Metallica shirt (my all time favorite rock band) too but I think the skull design was a little too much for a toddler. So I just ended up buying the Nirvana shirt. All and all I like the kid section of the site. They offer a great selection of designs from top to bottom. 

As you can see I used my phone to shop. I pretty much do a lot of things on my phone lately. I have a nice hack to hide my phone from my toddler so he will not get distracted when I use my phone while he's playing. 

I also browsed the ladies section and found a great selection of clothes. However, I decided not to buy something for myself because with my current curvy body and breastfeeding boobs (yah know what I mean), it's kind of hard to buy clothes I cannot try on first and I don't want to go through the hassle of returning stuff if I ended up not liking them. 

Easy to pay - Well, I think pretty much all online site has the easy to pay option. It's a must. I paid using my credit card and I had the option not to save my cc information. You can only pay using a credit card.


Delivery fee is a little expensive. They will charge Php 249 delivery fee for minimum orders. I don't know if that's not pricey for you, but it is for me. If you shop online locally you only pay around Php 60 - Php 100 for shipping. The products that they sell on the site will be coming from the UK. I guess that's why the delivery fee is a bit expensive. Good thing I didn't pay for it for my first order.

No H&M Home- It would've been amazing if they have H&M Home in their online shop. I love that section in their physical store in SM North Edsa and UP Town Center. 

Long wait for delivery- It takes 7 to 10 business days to deliver. Would've been nice if they can deliver within 5 days or much earlier. Impatient mom here!

Over-all I recommend shopping on their site especially if you know your size or your children's sizes at H&M. Some of the clothes I bought for Jarvis from their physical shop are also available online.  However, I saw some items online (for women and children) that are not available in the H&M store near us. 

That's all for my H&M online shop review! Have a great weekend! Thanks for being here!

How We Use Falshcards in a Montessori Environment + Free Printable

As you may already know, I display flashcards on Jarvis' shelves, both in his little space in our room and in his indoor-outdoor area (formerly called dirty area hehe...)

Previously, I used flashcards to introduce new things to him because I saw other mommies on Instagram use flashcards as well. I copied what they were doing without really understanding what its purpose should be.  Well, my aim then was to broaden his vocabularies, thinking that it will help him with language. But as I continue to educate myself about Montessori, I learned that it's better to show the child the real thing first (as much as possible) before pictures or miniature object. I totally get the point. Children learn best through experiences.  

In reality, however, we really cannot always present the real thing to the child before pictures or miniature things, especially, animals. Jarvis is taking an interest in his jungle animal book recently. He often asks me to read that book to him.

He also takes some interest in his miniature jungle animals. So I let him explore his miniature animals. He used to love his farm animals as well. To support his interest, I decided to make our own flashcards of animals and some other things that he might take his interest later on. We can also use these flashcards when Jarvis is ready for object-picture matching activities. 

Recently, I displayed miniature dog and it's flashcard. Jarvis likes dogs and now he seems to make the connection. He will look at the picture with interest, hold the miniature animal and smile. He even tried to do the hand gesture when calling dogs and sometimes he even says "choo-choo." He learns the "choo-choo" and hand gesture from his dad.  They love to play with our neighbor's dog. 

What I am trying to point out here is that the use of flashcards for toddlers work best if they have already seen of explored the object in real life. 

I like to make our own printable flashcards because I cannot seem to find where to buy flashcards with realistic images in the Philippines. I also don't go out that much and truthfully, I just like to personalize things.

I tried to look for realistic and almost the same images as our miniature counterpart. I want to make it easier for Jarvis to make the connection. And since I just have them on file, I think it would be nice to share them on my blog in case you are interested. 

Just click the word DOWNLOAD below the image and it will take you to the page where you can download the file.  No sign-in required. Please note that I made these flashcards based on the miniature animals that we have. 

Disclaimer: I did not own the copyright of the images on the flashcards. I found the images via Google search and copied them. These printable flashcards are for personal use only and not for sale. Enjoy!

Also, please note that I will add more printables in the future. To be updated make sure that you follow me on my social media. I am @princessmayen on Twitter and Instagram and you may find Mayens Corner page on FB! 

That would be all for now. Thanks for being here. 

Best Baby Wipes : Bcare Bamboo Baby Wipes Review

When it comes to choosing products for our baby, there are three major things I always consider. First, is it affordable, second, is it gentle on the skin and third, is it environmentally friendly? If a certain product has those three components then it is most likely the product that we will use for Jarvis. 

Those are precisely the reasons we chose to use cloth diapers majority of the time instead of the disposable ones. I found out that it takes 200-250 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. That was a very long time! I am so glad we have great quality and affordable cloth diapers now.

Aside from reducing the use of disposable diapers, we also try to reduce the use of baby wipes. When Jarvis was younger, we use cotton and washcloths to wash him as often as we can. Eventually, Jarvis started to put his fingers in his mouth. So I searched for baby wipes that have antibacterial properties. Not to replace washing his hands but just something that we can use to wipe his hands that is safe for him and would at least lessen the germs. 

Anyway, babies need germs to strengthen their immune system but of course, I still don't want to expose him to too many germs. Unfortunately, I never found any baby wipes that is environmentally friendly and has antibacterial properties at the same time, at least not over the counter. 

So when I found out about Bcare Bamboo Baby Wipes from another favorite mama on Instagram. I immediately placed an order so we can try it. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. As a result, I decided to write my own review about it and share this information to all mamas out there who read my blog. 

Here's what I like about Bcare Bamboo Baby Wipes. 

Biodegradable - @mama_the_explorer on Instagram made an experiment to find out if their claim was true. They put a single wipe under the ground then try to dig it out after 21 days. They found no traces of the said wipe, it literally disappears from the face of the earth after 21 days! That's really awesome, right? Anything that is friendly to the environment is A-okay to us. 

Natural antibacterial properties- This is another selling point for me. Like I mentioned above, I really want antibacterial wipes that we can use when we don't have access to water and soap. It freaks me out if I cannot wipe my son's hands when we are out and about. I heard those regular wipes are not safe to wipe baby's hands. 

Wipes are made of 100% natural bamboo fiber.

To save me some time, (busy mom here) I inserted an Instagram entry here from @bcarebamboowipes  which talks about why natural bamboo fiber wipes are better than the commercial wipes.   

The wipe is durable yet soft- It is gentle on the skin but durable enough that you can soak it with water and it will not break easily. One time when my son poop at the mall, I had to change him in the public toilet. You know how crazy we Filipinos about washing our behind with water after pooping right? I'm the same with my son. I need to wash him with water even if we are in a public toilet. So I took a fresh wipe and wet it to the sink and wipe it to my son. I just need that extra wetness. The wipe didn't break and did the job well! I was a happy mama!

Value for money- Almost the same price as the usual wipes we used to buy over the counter.

Comes in three different sizes (10 sheets, 30 sheets, and 80 sheets). I like that they have a variety of sizes, depending on the number of sheets. It is great that they have the 30 sheets version because I don't want to bring a lot when we go out. So instead of bringing the full 80 sheets baby wipes, I only bring the 30 sheets especially if I know that we are not going to be out for a long time.

Can also use to remove makeup- Bcare Baby Wipes are great as a makeup remover. I've tried it and l liked it. It also has a moisturizing property which is always a good thing for a make up remover. Therefore, Bcare Baby Wipes are not only for babies but for moms too. 

Here are other good things about the product...

The Downside of the Product...

The only downside to this product is that it is not available over the counter. I know some mommies are not comfortable to shop online. However, based on my experience, it is easy to transact with them. They try to ship the item the day you made a payment. The longest I've waited for my delivery was 1 day. Yes! They make sure to deliver your product immediately. 

(Prices may change depending on the seller, so always ask them for the price)

10 sheets- 19.50
30 sheets- 36.50
80 sheets- 85.50

In case you are wondering, this is not sponsored. Hehe... I just want to share how nice this product is. Maybe you are one of those moms who is also looking for good baby wipes, an alternative to those commercial ones in the grocery stores that are not that friendly to the environment and do not have the antibacterial property. I hope you find this post helpful. What do you think of this product so far?

Thanks for being here!

Jarvis Update and Why We Almost Gave Up on Montessori at Home

Jarvis is all over the place lately. He likes to do a lot of physical activities. When I say physical activities, I mean physical! Climbing, tumbling in bed, going up and down the bed, going up and down the sofa, the coffee table and power walking whenever, wherever, even when he's pooping. If you are a veteran mom, you'll probably say, oh he is just being a toddler.  Yes! He is! In Montessori, they call it reaching the maximum effort or developing their gross motor skills. Apparently, this is important to their development.

But what's amazing is that he is very careful and calculating of his movements. When I think he will not make it down on his own, he will prove me wrong.  I am a calm mom. I don't get nervous easily especially when Jarvis is doing some of his physical stunts. I just usually watch him and position myself near enough so I can catch him or help him if he needs it. I let him do things on his own as much as he can. It makes me proud when he accomplishes a physical challenge on his own. I also love to watch him realized what he just did and smiled with pride. 

However, there were still times when I feel a little down because he won't keep still and work on his new Montessori puzzles or other, I think, "interesting work" for him. I guess I am just excited for him to use his new puzzles because I thought all babies like them.

I admit, there are so many things I still need to learn about Montessori. I still need to enhance my observation skills and practice interpreting Jarvis' cues. I need to be even more creative and thoughtful of what activities/work I should prepare for him. It is exhausting, to tell you the truth. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to research and prepare work for Jarvis. However, I really can't help but feel down whenever he ignores or worse throws the things I prepared for him on the floor. 
It's kind of hard sometimes, especially if I see other babies almost the same age as Jarvis' happily concentrating on work their mama prepared for them. There was even a time when I felt that perhaps Montessori at home isn't for Jarvis because he won't concentrate on some Montessori materials that we have. Even if I think, based on my observation, that it is the activity he wants/needs. I think I am "following the child". 

The only thing that can make him stop and concentrate for a while is his wires and beads maze. He's obsessed with it since the day it was given to him.  

Thankfully, there are a lot of Montessori mamas on Instagram who keep reminding us to just chill and let our child be. 

"Follow the child", they say. 

"We don't train them but we help them when they're ready. "

I really need that constant reminder that every child is different and that it's normal for Jarvis to want to explore and do things that require maximum effort instead of just sitting down and figuring out his shape puzzles. 

I am grateful for Montessori because she made me understand why Jarvis does what he does otherwise, I will just think that he is being malikot like most people think of babies who constantly move and want to explore, so they try to restrict them by putting them to cribs or playpen. I used to think that way before. But now I have a new understanding of things. It's not easy to look after such an active baby but to look after them with a deeper understanding of why they are doing what they do, helps a lot. 

"At this age, just toys, especially light toys, do not satisfy the child. He can do nothing with them"- Maria Montessori (Montessori from the Start)

What the child needs at this age (15 months or so..) is to do things with maximum effort. In the preceding phase, the child's goal was to exercise his hands and master his body. - Montessori from the Start

"We cannot underestimate the need to exert maximum effort for toddlers. They are working so hard to develop all their muscles that they often can't stop. Their inner drive to move just overpowers them"- The Kavanaugh Report

Seems like there are going to be a lot of physical activities around here. Lately, he even shows interest in helping me or anybody sweeps the floor. Good thing, he already has a child size broom. But I think it's getting too small for him. 
I am also grateful that he still likes books. He loves our story time and there are some books that he likes me to read to him, several times a day. We still get some downtime in our day.  Other than that he is up and about. Also, we are down to just one long nap in a day. Awww!! 

I am still researching for ways on how best to channel his energy into more purposeful activities that would also fit our lifestyle. If you have any suggestions let me know. 

That would be all for today. Thanks for being here.

Major Decluttering and New Montessori Inspired Space for 15 Months

In our home, we have a small terrace (patio/veranda). It was meant to be a small entryway to the house. However, we have another door on the other side of the house that became the main door. As a result, we barely used our terrace, so, over time, it became a stock room for random things.

One day, I just realized that random things are piling up in our small terrace. It became an extension of our storage closet. It became an eyesore! As Jarvis becomes more mobile, he slowly discovering that little area in our house. He constantly shows interest that he wants to go there. Of course, we have to make it safe for him. Thus, I decided to start decluttering that space along with our closet storage which also getting out of hand at that point. 

I simultaneously decluttered our storage closet and terrace. I did everything single-handedly friends! Well, except for the person we hired to install shelves in our storage closet. My husband works graveyard and sometimes he only gets one day off. So I don't want to bother him thus I worked alone while my sister watched Jarvis. I think it's a good thing that my husband was sleeping during the process because if he saw the things I threw away he will probably try to salvage some of them. Men in my family are having a hard time letting go of things. I am not sure if this applies to most men. What do you think?

Anyway, I spent half my day sorting, cleaning and rearranging things. There were so many storage boxes to carry, walls to scrub and layers and layers of dust to eliminate but I survived. One decluttering tip before we move forward, I find it very helpful to have 3 boxes or trash bags ready when decluttering:

1. For items to clean - you still need them but they need to be deep cleaned. 

2. For items that you can sell- Our family holds an annual garage sale. It's a great way to turn the things that we don't use but still in good condition, into cash. This year, we got a good amount of money from our garage sale.

3. For items you want to throw away- Items that are useless and don't spark joy anymore (Konmari tip)

It was indeed a tiring afternoon for me but the outcome was so worth it!

I turn this....
I know, this is embarrassing but I got to do it for the blog. This will also help you appreciate how much work I've done. 

Into this....

I transferred my old shelf here that used to house our toiletries which I already put inside the closet. I shared few simple organizing hacks on my previous post. You can check them out here if you haven't already. 

My now 15-month-old have a new space to explore.  This is Jarvis' little  "dirty area". You know, just like a dirty kitchen where we do things that create a lot of mess. Only this one is meant for a 15-month -old. Here are the things I am planning to do in this area in the days to come.

1. I am planning to put a plant/s here that he can water every day or when he feels like it. 

2. Install a small sink for him and his own source of water. 

3. Incorporate art related items in this area. He can get down and dirty here with his chosen art materials in the future.

4. Perhaps a small bin for additional sensory play.

5. A place for his cleaning tools. He is obsessed in sweeping the floor.

Seems like a lot of things in a small space? I think it's doable. I just have to give a lot of thought on how I should place things so this area will not look cluttered. Maintaining an orderly and beautiful space are important to Montessori and for the child of course. Besides, this is the only space we can give him for those sort of things, so it's imperative that we maximize the use of the space. 

In addition to the new Montessori inspired space, we also set-up his weaning table. We are kind of late on our weaning table game. Jarvis is so used to his high chair by now. So technically we don't use his weaning table as much. 

Weaning chair - Montessori on Mars Store
Weaning Table (IKEA, LACK side table in white. Legs were shortened to 12 inches)- Furniture Source Philippines
Rug - H&M
Tray - Fairview Terraces 

In the meantime, we are using it to display his water bottle and some snacks. Jarvis was not very good at drinking water before but when I started giving him access to his own water bottle he learns to initiate drinking them. Now we don't have a problem making him drink his water. If we are going to follow Montessori method, Jarvis should have access to a pitcher and a glass where he can pour his drinking water, however, he is not ready for that. We are working on it though. 

We are not leaving the house when this photo was taken, he just insisted on wearing his shoes. 

He also has access to his own snacks. I know that Oreo is not very healthy but he likes it. Don't judge me. We make him eat fruits and veggies all the time though. He likes banana, grapes, melon, and dragon fruit. 

That would be all for today. I hope you enjoy this little tour of Jarvis' space. I will definitely update you if we made some major changes.  Thanks for being here! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Mommy Hacks: Home Organizational Hacks to Save Space

I've got a lot of good feedback from my last mommy hack post. So I decided to share some more hacks with you today. This time, I want to share some home organizational hacks to save space which I learned since I became a mom. So basically, that's a total of 15 months of work experience as a mom. 

Not a lot of time but I learned a ton. I turned from a slob into this slightly organize mom. I'm pretty sure those people who've known me for such a long time will not believe I am actually talking about organizing on my blog! Well, that's what parenting can do to you! 

I wish my husband "turned" with me tho. He is such a good man, a reliable husband, and a father but being organized is not his strong suit. I am trying to get him on board tho, along with my 15-month-old son. How fun right?  

Anyway, as you may probably read a hundred times here on my blog, we have a small space and an arm's length storage closet. Therefore, we really have to be resourceful in creating a space to accommodate the new addition to our family. Funny how such a little human needs so much stuff and space! 

Good thing, I've learned some really cheap and effective home organizational hacks to save space to better accommodate our little human. These are just simple things we do to keep things neat around the house, save space and make certain stuff accessible to adults but sort of invisible to the little human. 

You probably know some of these home organizational hacks to save space but I still want to share them just in case some of you need a little inspiration to start organizing.

Hack number 1: Declutter as often as possible

Okay, I know this is not actually a hack or maybe it is. But I think all organization should start by decluttering. I declutter every year but I always focused on clothes. This year, I decluttered hardcore. I declutter some of my shoes, bags, kitchen stuff and other home accessories. I let go of so many things that I hold on to for so many years but don't actually use and guess what? I feel so much better after. Especially when I realized how much free space we got all over the house after the decluttering. I literally feel lighter. I will share one major decluttering project I did in the future. 

Hack number 2: Use the Konmari folding technique to get a lot of extra storage/closet space. 

I found out about Konmari from my favorite mama on Instagram. I haven't read the book about it yet but it's in my line-up of books to read. Basically, I learned all my Konmari know-how from reading blogs and watching Youtube videos and they were already very helpful. 

One of my favorites so far is learning the Konmari folding techniques. This post is very helpful if you want to find out more about it. So now I am folding Jarvis' and my clothes that way. My husband's clothes are quite hard to manage yet. He gets disoriented if his things are too organized and he's having a hard time maintaining it.

But I will try and help him bring out the organized person in him. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I will focus my energy on keeping my son's and my clothing organized. 

By just applying these folding techniques we already made so much space for other things. I actually created a big section in my closet to keep some of the stuff that we use daily but we don't want Jarvis to have access to.

Hack number 3: Use hanging underwear organizer to store toiletries in the closet.

I saw this home organizational hacks to save space from Pinterest and I thought it'll be perfect for us. We used to put our toiletries in plastic baskets in my old shelves but Jarvis can reach them already so I decided to just hang them in the closet. I like it better this way because I can easily see what I need and it really saves so much space. Plus we were able to use the old shelves in Jarvis new play area in the house. I am going to share that transformation in the future. If you love decluttering and organizing, you will love that. 

I need to find a nice quality hanging organizer tho. What we are using is not sturdy enough. Any recommendations where I can buy a similar item with better quality?

Hack number 4:  Put several plastic drawers in the closet for different articles of clothing. 

I have separate drawers for shirts, tank tops, shorts and Pj bottoms. I purged so many clothes I wear at home (pambahay clothes) so that I can fit the remaining in their respective drawers.  This made my life so much easier. I can easily choose and get the clothes I want to wear. Unlike before that, I need to rummage through piles of clothing just to get what I need. I also discovered that I like folding clothes. It relaxes me. 

Another advantage of having these drawers in my closet is that I can put other stuff on top of them. As you can see, we maximized the space by putting our laptops on top of the drawers, some shorts that I use on a daily basis and some boxes of my son's toys.   

We don't have work table anymore, that was one thing I gave up to give Jarvis more space.  We just use our bedside or dining table when we need to use our laptops. 

Hack Number 5: Use small recycled paper trash bin instead of the big ones.

When we created a space for Jarvis to play inside our room (read our room transformation on this post and this post), we also removed our paper trash bin.

Over time, it became difficult for me and the husband to throw our small trash like cotton buds, receipts, candy wrapper from my husband's pockets etc.  to designated trash cans in the house. Sometimes they accumulate on top of my son's dresser, the only surface inside our room where we can put random stuff like remotes, our mobile phones, charger etc. that Jarvis cannot reach.

So I decided to recycle a Pic-Nik can and use it as a small trash bin. I Just made it a couple of days ago. So far it does the job so I thought it would be nice to share this little hack too.

Hack number 6: Put baby's toys and books in baskets.

Since we do Montessori at home putting Jarvis' toys in baskets and shelves are already second nature. But if you are not sold on Montessori method, it still a great practice to put your babies toys in baskets for organizational purposes. Believe me when I say that it makes a lot of difference in the house. Before Jarvis came along, I thought our house is going to be a giant toy bin. 

Fortunately, that is not the case now. I am not saying that it never gets messy around here. It does! However, it's really easy to clean up when you know everything has its own place. It is also a great opportunity to model to my baby how to clean up his mess. 

There are still areas in our home that needs to be tackled. I wish I have more time and resources. So far I am enjoying organizing our home. And surprisingly, I also enjoy maintaining it. Motherhood or parenting really changes you and you can't even help it! I love that I discovered this side of myself.

Let me know if you have any epic home organizational hacks to save space. I'd love to know therm. Thanks for being here!

Mommy Hack: How I Hide My Smartphone from My Smart Toddler

I have a little secret. I have a special book. It's one of my favorite DIY items I made lately. I also find it very useful especially if I don't want my one-year-old son to see me use my smartphone constantly.  If your toddler is like mine who gets distracted when he sees me use my phone, then you should definitely read this post. Because today, I am going to share with you how I hide my smartphone to my smart toddler.

During the day, I usually watch Jarvis work (work is to play in Montessori, and we do Montessori at home. If you want to know more about that click here). I try to observe what he is up to or what his interests are so I can best prepare the environment for him. However, there are times when he is really engrossed in an activity that I can relax and do other things. 

Oftentimes, I use that opportunity to check my phone for messages, my social media or if I think I have enough time, I read ebooks or blogs. I pretty much do a lot of things with my smartphone nowadays. I use it to pay some of our bills and shop online. However, every time I touch my phone, Jarvis gets distracted and wants to touch it as well. He likes to scroll his cute little fingers on it. Sometimes,  I give in and allows him to touch my phone just so he can explore it. But I don't want him to get used to it. In addition, I don't like that he is abandoning his work just so he can touch my phone.

Normally, I try not to use my phone when he is awake. But there are instances when he is really busy with what's he's doing that I know I can sneak in a few minutes of phone use. So, I thought of ways on how I can use my phone without distracting Jarvis when he is working. I tried covering my phone with a pillow but he still gets curious what my hands are doing behind the pillow. Thus. he will come to me and investigate. Oh, toddlers... always curious.

Then, finally, this simple DIY came to mind. Alleluia! It's a little bit funny that I resort to this. Can you blame me? Especially if this one works to hide my smartphone from my smart toddler?

I'm sure some of you already saw this DIY somewhere. Some people use it for a different purpose. They use it to stash their valuables that they want to hide. Then they put the book back to their shelves to blend in. 

But I like to use this special book as a secret compartment for my smartphone when my toddler is preoccupied. Jarvis will just think  that I am reading a book. Which is awesome because I want him to think that I love to read books which is also true by the way.

This little hack is even more useful now that I don't usually buy an actual book anymore. I prefer ebooks for accessibility and price. So by using my special book, I can still show Jarvis that I am reading an actual book. He doesn't understand the concept of ebooks yet. Therefore, this is better than showing him I am constantly scrolling my phone, as if playing or just scrolling aimlessly like what he usually does when he's holding my phone, when in fact I am actually reading. Get it?

Sometimes, he still comes to me and wants to investigate my special book but I will just gently close it, put it out of his reach and distract him by playing with him or by talking to him. But most of the time, he lets me read my special book while he goes about his business.

When the special book is not in use I just leave it where he can reach it and allows him to explore it if he wants to. This way, he will not be overly curious about this mystery book.  I am pretty sure he will discover my secret in the future but I will use this little trick for as long as I can get away with it. *insert 2 wink emojis here*

This DIY special book is pretty self-explanatory but in case you need help making one. I will share with you how I made mine. 

Here are the things I used for this DIY
1. I used an old book that I know I will never read ever again. 

2. I traced my phone on the page where I want to start cutting.

3. I used a cutter to cut the pages of the book using what I traced as a guide. 

4. I stopped cutting when I was satisfied with the depth of my phone compartment. I stuck my phone inside the compartment from time to time to measure the depth that I want. 

5. Normally, for this DIY one should brush glue on the outer edges of the book to bind the pages together but your mama here ain't no time for that. So I just used a scotch tape to secure the pages.  I made sure to secure all the sides that needed it.

Viola! I have my special book ready!  What do you think of this DIY? What do you do to prevent your baby from touching your phone? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for being here. Have a great day!