10 Things Friday Vol. 1

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There was a blogger before who's hosting a link up called Friday 10 Happy Things. I always participate on that link up because the concept was really good. The idea was for participating bloggers to write down 10 things that made them happy every week and post it on their blog every Friday. That link up helped me to stay positive. Recalling all the good things that happened to me in a week made me feel good about myself and my life in general.Unfortunately, she discontinued the link up.

But the good news is, there is no reason not to continue doing that on my blog. I will call it a little different and modify it a little bit.

Today is the start of my 10 Things Friday where I am going to share all the significant things that happened to me in a week. Not necessarily all "happy things" I will also include some challenges, if I've encountered any, during the week and share how I dealt with them. It could also be about 10 anything really, to make it even more flexible for me. I'm sure you get the idea.

I'm pretty sure 10 Things Friday is not original but I am too lazy to look up if someone else is already using it. 

So without further ado here are my 10 things Friday this week.

 1. Jarvis has started using his walker and seems to enjoy it a lot which means plenty of time for mommy to do other things than carrying him around or watch him on the bed. We just packed up his crib. He hates it. 

2. Number 1 gives me an opportunity to squeeze in a few minutes of workout on our morning routine. I am not trying to lose weight just yet. At this point, I just want to strengthen my cardiovascular system for a more intensive workout later on (may ganun?). Basically, I want to ease my body into working out regularly again. 

I breastfeed. Therefore, I am still my baby's main source of food. As a result, I am always hungry, which makes it difficult for me to watch what I eat. So I might not lose weight just yet. 

3. My best friend cousin will buy educational toys for Jarvis. I am also thankful for her wisdom as a mom. I am learning a lot from her. I am developing this love for Montessori because of her and a blogger she suggested I follow. 

4. My Nanay (mom) started getting sick a couple of weeks ago. She has a heart condition, so it really made us worried when she complained about chest pain and upset stomach. Good thing she is getting better now.

5. I'm not into makeup, says my old self but recently I am developing a fascination for them. Maybe because I watch too many Pinay beauty gurus on Youtube. Or maybe it's because I am beginning to show signs of aging. Whichever! The point is, I was able to talk my husband into allowing me to buy few makeup items.

6. My first ever makeup primer, liquid foundation, contour palette, makeup brushes and final powder. I used some of my Valentine's cash gift (from hubby) to buy them. By the way, these are all drugstore products and really inexpensive. 

You might probably ask, why bother when I spend most of my time at home? Well.... Who says one cannot wear makeup at home? ;) Plus they make me happy. So that's that! 

7. I created some DIY flash cards for baby. I was able to find free Baby Can Read DVDs but they don't come with flash cards and other miscellaneous that comes with the original package. The whole package is a little expensive. So of course to DIY is the only way to go. Along with that, I also made some number flashcards because Jarvis loves numbers. I might share them as printable on this blog. I know I can just buy flash cards and be done with it. But I enjoyed making them and I can personalize them according to Jarvis' interest. So there you go!

8. Preparing Jarvis' food is still a bit of a challenge for me. We follow the no salt no sugar until 1-year-old. So I have to prepare food especially for him. 

I don't enjoy cooking, I am more into baking, but I have to do it for my baby. I am also running out of ideas on what to feed him. He prefers veggies over fruits at the moment. He loves broccoli.

I prepare my son's food. My husband or my Papa prepares mine! That's how we roll in this household people. 

9. I love it when Jarvis smiles at me. Like when he sees me first thing in the morning or when I get out from the bathroom. You know, just those random moments when our eyes met and he smiles at me. I love that. 

10. I have the best husband. He makes and serves me breakfast every single day! 

That's all for my first 10 Things Friday on this blog. Make sure to come back for more next week! If you are interested lang naman. :) Thanks for being here. 


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