How to Save Money While Having a Baby Part 2

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I am a stay at home mom. My husband and I chose that I quit my job and personally take care of our baby. It was a hard decision considering we are not rich. But we did it anyway because we think it is what's best for our baby. 

Our baby is now eight months old. That means we've been living on a single income that long. Initially, we thought that it's not possible to save money while having a baby but eventually we find ways to stay afloat. I am sharing our experiences because I know that there are a lot of Filipino household who lives in one paycheck for the same reasons that we do. 

On my last post, I shared what my husband and I did to save money before our baby was born. I discussed the measures we took that we know will help us still save money when we already have the baby. If you haven't already, you may want to read that post after this click here.

Today, I am going to share with you the things that you can do to save money while having a baby. This may require a little adjustment on your part especially if you don't practice most of them before the baby was born. However, I believe that any measures you can take to save money are always worth the sacrifice.

Here are some of the things that you can do to save money while having a baby.

Make a budget- I know it sounds very basic but a lot of Filipino household don't usually have or even know the importance of having a budget. A lot of financial experts suggest that we make a budget if we want to save money. Even if you are broke, the more you need to make a budget.

Sit down with your partner/husband and look at your finances. Find areas on your expenses where you think you can lower your budget. Always remember to be realistic in your budget.

For my husband and I, we lower our budget on groceries. We only buy stuff that we actually need. I make a list of the things we need before heading to the grocery store and I try to stick to it. It takes getting used to but I got there eventually.

We don't eat out as much. My husband and I love to stay at home even before Jarvis came along. But if you are the type of couple who loves to eat out and buffet all you want, maybe you want to limit that to once a month or every other month and spend more time with your baby instead. Doing that will save you a lot of money.

Live minimally- If you are the type of person who loves to buy a lot of stuff when you don't have your baby yet, maybe now is the time to re-evaluate yourself so you can save money while having a baby.

I am guilty of that. I used to buy a lot of clothes and other stuff like bags, accessories etc.  But when we already have Jarvis and I finally quit my job, I know I have to stop. At first, it was difficult because I still want a lot of things. Not to mention most of my pre-baby clothes don't fit me anymore. I felt like I need to buy a whole wardrobe. Good thing, I didn't because now I know better. 

It's okay not to have a lot of things. It's okay not to have designer bags and clothes. I'd rather walk around wearing the same clothes over and over again, as long as I get to take care of my baby myself. That's the path I chose to take and I am happy with my decision.

Also, being a minimalist is actually a good thing. A lot of people, mostly those who can actually afford to buy a lot of stuff, chose to get rid of their expensive things and keep only the things they need. They claim that they feel better after getting rid of the unnecessary things in their lives.

I can somehow relate to them. It's liberating not to want to have a lot of things that we cannot afford right now. I can focus my brain on something worth my time like taking good care of my baby and tending this blog. I also believe that memories are important than material things.

My husband and I will probably treat ourselves with something that we want from time to time but at least now we know our priorities and we are getting better and better in sticking to our budget. Therefore, allowing us to save money while having a baby.

Don't buy a lot of toys for your baby- Our babies do not need a lot of toys. They will not play with all of them anyway. If you must buy toys for your baby, just stick to those that can stimulate his /her brain development.

My 8 -month-old do not have a lot of toys. He has 3 teethers but he only plays to two of them. He has a play gym but he rarely plays with it. He also has tambourine because he likes to make sounds. We bought him several story books but we only read one book every night for the last couple of months because he loves it so much and will not listen to other stories. He wished I can add our TV remote control on his inventory of toys. He finds it very appetizing but obviously, we can't. 

Some studies say that children under five who have so many toys usually develops short attention span because they feel the need to play with one toy and transfer to another without fully immersing in one activity. In addition, children with few toys will most likely to develop their imagination and resourcefulness. So actually, you are not depriving your baby by not buying them many toys, in fact, you are doing them a favor.  And at the same time, you are not breaking the bank.

 Don't buy expensive coffee- I just want to add this for good measures. If you are the type who loves to drink overpriced coffee (I can't believe I am saying this, my husband will be very happy) like I do. Maybe this is the time to stop or at least lessen your consumption. You can satisfy your "expensive coffee" cravings without breaking the bank by concocting a coffee drink at home. You can find tons of recipes online. 

I personally like to just add cocoa powder and ice to my regular coffee and drink it using a straw to satisfy my "expensive coffee" cravings. It tastes like iced cafe mocha from Starbucks. One of my favorite drinks. If you have time, you can blend iced coffee and pretend that it's mocha frappe. Use your imagination, you'll get used to it. Hehe.

I'm sure there are tons of ways to save money while having a baby that you can think of. If you have tips that I didn't mention please feel free to write them in the comment box. Let us help each other out.

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