Life Lately: I Miss Coffee and Special Announcement

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Note: This post originally appeared on my old site on January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!
I’ve been MIA from blogging and I guess from all my social media for a while. I have so many plans for my blog in December, but I got sidetracked because something amazing is happening to me. There is a human being growing inside me. Yes! You read it right. I am pregnant! How exciting right!? And it’s also due to that, that I can’t drink coffee.
If you must know, I am on my 13th week, a little over my first trimester. For the past months, I don’t feel like myself. I’ve been sleeping all day (except when I need to go work), as in I am literally in bed all day and night. Its strange because I am not like that, I don’t even normally take a nap. Due to that, getting up for work is even harder for me. I usually wake up at 5:30 am and ready to face the day but recently, leaving bed is really becoming a pain.
As expected,  my eating habits have changed drastically as well. I eat too much pork when I used to eat too little before. I don’t like veggies on most occasions when I used to crave for veggies all the time before my pregnancy. I don’t have time to write blog posts because I am busy lazing around and sleeping all day.
Thank God my husband and I waited until he’s finally home for good before we tried for a baby. It’s the best decision we’ve ever made. I might not survive this without him. I lied. I’ll probably would, but it’s easier with him around.
Lately, I’ve been living like a zombie. I’m only starting to feel like myself again. So I decided to sit down in front of my laptop and update my blog and my very few readers about my life.
I feel amazing that I am finally going to become a mom. It’s one of my ultimate dreams. But I can’t still shake off the difficulty of the first trimester. Well, technically, what I am going through is not as difficult as the others.  For one thing, I don’t throw up as much, which I am very thankful about. But still, doing things that I don’t usually do, like sleep all day, sometimes pisses me off because I feel unproductive. But overall I am happy.
On the other hand,  I also understand that I need to take a lot of rest for the baby and this situation is very normal. I guess I just have to deal with it and enjoy the months to come.
I want to document my pregnancy. I want something I can look back to after all this is over. Initially, I thought of putting up a sub-blog where I can write some pregnancy updates when I’m awake or feeling like myself but I don’t think my body and mind are up to that task. So I decided to incorporate pregnancy updates on this blog instead. I hope you’ll be interested in taking this journey to “Motherhood” with me.

Geez! I missed writing but that would be all for today. Talk to you soon! Thanks for being here.


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