Life Lately: My Second Trimester

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Note: This post originally appeared on my old site on May 27, 2016

I was really excited when I found out that I am pregnant. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Not that we can’t conceive but we just waited for the right time to finally try and get pregnant.  My husband and I waited until he comes home for good (he was an OFW) before we try for a baby. God with all His glory blessed us with baby number 1 after trying for 2 months.
Now I am halfway in my second trimester and I must say things have improved. If you want to read my first-trimester experience just click here. I no longer feel sleepy all the time and I am feeling more like myself. At some point, it even slipped my mind that I am pregnant but that’s just temporary because as soon as I see my growing belly I’ll be reminded again of my current state.
My sense of smell is still so strong that certain smell still makes me uncomfortable. I especially hate the smell of garlic and for some reasons, my husband’s after getting out of the shower. I tried changing his soap several times but the result is still the same. Oh, my poor husband. I try not to show him I don’t like his smell most of the time, though. But I know he understands. I also don’t like his perfumes. Actually, I can’t stand all masculine scents right now.
At this point, I can feel strange movements in my belly. At first, it felt like an involuntary muscle movement but lately, the movements are becoming more and more noticeable. I have no words to describe how I felt the first time my baby moved. I’ll settle for “it was the most wonderful feeling” for now. I remembered I was teary eyed and in such awe. I can’t believe God allowed me to experience this miracle.
On March 23, 2016, we scheduled an ultrasound to find out our baby’s gender. I have no gender preference but my husband wants our firstborn to be a boy. Guess what? Our baby is a boy! My husband is so happy. Well, I’m sure he’ll still be happy if our baby turns out to be a girl.  I am very excited because I can now start shopping for baby stuff. I am still contemplating whether to have a baby shower or not. There are certain things I need to consider. I’ll let you know if we decided to have a baby shower  
I know, I said in my previous post that I’ll try to blog as often as I can and try to come up with content not related to my pregnancy. However, as of the moment, I, being pregnant is all my brain can process. So please bear with me. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you have any advice for new mom-to-be like I please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for being here!


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