Quality Weekend with the People I Love

10:59 AM Mayen Acebron 0 Comments

This blog post is not accompanied by a perfect photo taken from our DSLR. My old self will never post a photo with poor quality such as this one on my blog or even on Instagram. It's a blogger thing. At some point, I became like everybody else. I tried to curate perfect photos for my blog and Instagram. But the truth is, it's hard to create those photos and to be honest, I think I don't have the knack for it. 

Although there is nothing wrong with curated perfect Instagram photos. Most of them are inspiring and I follow quite a few people who has a perfect Instagram feed. All I'm saying is that I am over that phase in my life because I already accepted that I cannot keep up with them. So here I am putting up an imperfect photo for the world to see because the moment it was taken was perfect.  

Today's post is about simplicity and the joy of having a simple life with the people I love. 

Last weekend was perfect. I spent it with my two favorite people, my husband, and my son. My son was sleeping on his dad's chest and I was leaning on my husband's shoulder while we softly talk to each other. We have to contain our laughter from time to time to avoid waking up the baby.

My husband works graveyard and sometimes even on his days off (during the weekend, thank God!) he's sleeping during the day. So we don't get to spend a lot of time together. Also, the last two weekends were spent outside or with other family members. Although it was fun and it gave us a different kind of joy, we missed our quiet Sunday at home.

Moreover, since we have a baby there are always seem to be a lot of things to do. When the baby is sleeping, often times, we are roaming around the house doing whatnot. But last weekend was chill and it was amazing.

I feel happy that the simplicity of this weekend makes my heart rejoice. That I don't need to be in a 5-star hotel with this two to feel blessed. It only proves that not all the things that can make us happy are expensive, that moments are better than material things and that happiness is really a state of mind. We can be happy if we choose to be even if we are facing challenges in life.  I hope we can get more weekends like this in the future. How was your weekend?


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