What's in My Baby's Hospital Bag

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Note: This post originally appeared on my old site www.hintofglitter.com on June 9, 2016
Now that I am a few weeks away from giving birth, I made sure that my baby bag is packed and easy to grab at any time. At this point of my pregnancy, I might need to go to the hospital unexpectedly. Just like any mom to be, I’ll be “sleeping soundly”(if I could sleep) if I know I am ready for when I need to go to the hospital. I’m planning to bring 2 hospital bags with us, one for my husband and I and another one for our baby. Today I am going to share what’s in my baby’s hospital bag.

I’m not saying that I am an expert on this. I am a first-time mom after all. However, I did my research and asked advice from experienced mothers around me. What’s in my baby’s hospital bag is the result of my research and let say mother’s instinct. I should have that by now, shouldn’t I?
Before I put all the baby stuff in the bag, I put similar or related items in a separate zip lock bag first. I learn this technique from my sister in law who just gave birth last year. I put a label on each bag pertaining to what inside it. I also wrote our last name on each bag to make sure the right stuff goes to our baby and not someone else’s. I really think this hack is going to be really helpful especially for my husband who’s going to be in charge of the bag once I gave birth. I don’t want him to get confused with the things inside the bag. My husband has the tendency to panic easily so I have to make sure things will also be easier for him when it’s time to deliver our baby.
Here’s what’s inside my baby’s hospital bag.
1.       Diapers – My husband and I opted for cloth diapers, but I was advised that it’ll be less of hassle if we bring disposable diapers in the hospital and save the cloth diapers for when we get home.
2.       Hooded Bath Towel – Actually, I am not sure if I’m going to need this in the hospital but the bath towel that I got can also function as a blanket. It may come in handy when hospital room gets cold.
3.       PJ’s for Baby – If we could get a private room in the hospital, the baby can stay with us. So I am assuming that he’ll wear his own clothes then. Please note that hospital rules vary so you may have to check first if the same situation applies to your hospital, but I think it’s always better to bring extra clothes for the baby.
4.       Bibs, Burp Pads, and Soft Towelettes – I brought several pieces with me.
5.       Socks, Bonnets, and Mittens – You cannot go to the hospital without these. But I especially need these items because my baby is going to be born in the rainy month of July. We might transport him home on a rainy day so I have to make sure he’s geared properly. We don’t want our baby getting sick.  Rain and I have a long history. It always rains in the most special occasions in my life. I will not be surprised if it rains while I gave birth and even when we are bringing the baby home.
6.       Baby Liquid Soap, Baby Wipes, and Baby Oil- I’m bringing  Cetaphil liquid soap. My cousin, who’s also a mom, recommended this to me. She said it’s very gentle for the baby.
7.       Baby Bottles – I’m determined to breastfeed our baby but in case I don’t produce breast milk right away, I want my baby’s feeding bottle ready for donated breast milk from my sister in law.
8.       Receiving Blankets- Most hospitals used their receiving blankets but if the baby is going to stay in our room we might need our own receiving blankets to swaddle the baby.
9.       Baby’s Outfit (for homecoming and pictorial sheesh) – My husband is an aspiring photographer, so taking professional quality baby pictures is a must.
This is a little off the topic of “what’s in my baby’s hospital bag” but I just want to share this little bit of information.  It took me awhile to choose an outfit for our baby because I am such a girly girl. When I go the mall, I always get attracted to baby girls clothes, I have to really tell myself over and over again that I am having a baby boy. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have a boy, it’s just that, my eyes have a thing for girly stuff. The endless shade of blue doesn’t help either because blue is my least favorite color. Time and again, practice makes perfect, at this point, I’m beginning to appreciate baby boy’s clothes.  I’m so excited to buy more outfits for our baby in the future.
There you go, that’s all for “what’s inside my baby’s hospital bag”. Did I forget something? Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comment box down below. Thanks for being here!


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