10 Things Friday Vol. 2

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It's time for another 10 Things Friday, where I share 10 significant things that happened to me this week or about anything actually. Why am I doing this? Uhm… I want to, and because this is my blog, so you know, I can do whatever I want! *insert winking tongue out emoji*

Without further ado, here are my 10 Things Friday...

1. Yesterday was my Moms birthday and we celebrated it with the whole family. We just had dinner out. I thank the Lord for giving my Mom another year to live and for keeping her healthy and strong.

2. Jarvis is beginning to sit up on his own. He also shows indications that he's going to be one heck of an energetic child. Well, good luck to me! I still look forward to it though.

3. Finally published Jarvis' Birth Story on this blog. If you want to read that click here. I wrote that a couple of weeks after giving birth but I only published it this week.

4. Remember those flashcards I printed out last week for Jarvis? I'm still working on them. Jarvis was extra clingy this week probably because of his colds which we are still trying to treat. It took me several attempts in a span of an hour to get out of bed and work on this post last night.

5. I also didn't get enough sleep for several nights now because Jarvis always wakes up and cries (I feel sorry for him). As a result, I try to get some sleep when he naps during the day which makes me unproductive with my other projects.

Jarvis normally sleeps through the night. He only wakes up to feed which require so little effort on my part. One of the perks of exclusively breastfeeding.

6. I'm not complaining about the lack of sleep, I'm grateful for the opportunity to personally take care of my baby. Not everyone was given this chance.

7. I've been obsessing over Montessori environment for infant. I try to read as many resources everyday as I can to educate myself. My husband and I are planning to make a small space for Jarvis in our small room where he can freely explore. 

I love Montessori principles/method.  I have no idea what it meant until last week when my best friend cousin suggested I follow @diycorporatemom on Instagram.

8. I decided to cut back on my Facebook time. Instead of scanning Facebook mindlessly whenever I am not doing anything, I decided to use my FB time to read materials online related to how I can improve our home environment for Jarvis. I also try to use this time to read my favorite blogs or just be more productive in general. 

I was so surprised how often I catch myself unconsciously tapping the FB icon on my phone in a day.  I will scan the page for a few seconds before realizing that I should be doing something more productive with my time.

9. I also did the same thing with YouTube. I love YouTube. I follow a lot of people on Youtube. I can spend a whole day watching what other people do with their lives, especially when I don't have Jarvis yet. However, even though I have him now, I still feel that I spend so much time watching YouTube videos. Lately, I've been trying to cut back on that as well.

10. I am just glad that I have a blog again. I may not blog regularly because Jarvis is beginning to be a handful. But I am at peace knowing I have a home online again where I can share my thoughts whenever I want to.

That's it for this week's 10 Things Friday! Happy Weekend!


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