10 Things Friday Vol. 3

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Today's 10 Things Friday is about Jarvis who just turned 9 months yesterday. Oh, how time flies.

I put up this blog to document our life as a family and that includes Jarvis' progress. Facebook status is no longer enough for what this momma has to say about her little boy!

Here are 10 things about Jarvis at 9 months.

1. He's a very active boy. He now weighs 9.5 kg. and he's 73.66 cm tall. They said he's kind of tall for his age. All I can say is that he's heavy. He makes my back bone ache... (Sakit sa back bone bes) Hehe..

2. He loves broccoli and still prefers veggies over fruits.

3. These are two of his favorite books. The Owl Babies is what we read as bedtime story for several months now. I already memorized the book. This book is so overused that it's falling apart. It is a paperback which is not sturdy enough for babies as young as mine, so I searched for a board book version. It was a challenge, but I succeeded. I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail

He also loves the Smart Babies 123's so much that I can keep him engaged with this book for minutes. Jarvis loves to count.

4. He can now sit without support for a short period of time. I know some kid can sit on their own longer at this age, but not our little boy. You know what? That's totally okay. He will get there eventually. They all do!

5. He prefers to play with ordinary things like feeding bottle, it's lid, remote control, and anything plastic/made of cellophane than real toys. Thus on his 9th-month, I had a treat for him. I cleaned all the stuff he usually attempts to grab but we forbid him to do so.

He played for 2 to 3 minutes to each of the items I put in his wooden plate. Gives me plenty of time to clean the rest of the room while sneaking a glance at him from time to time.  He played with the remote control for 3 minutes or so then left it behind for a real toy. It's the first time I saw him ignoring the remote lying around. Fascinating! What can I say? #followthechild #Montessoriathome. It's amazing!

6. He talks a lot. He can sometimes utter "mmmmummm" "vahvah" "ya" one time I even heard him say "ate".

7. Maybe he really did say "ate" because he adores his 9-year-old cousin Ate Hailee. All Hailee needs to do is pass by in front of Jarvis to make him smile. If she jumps or did something amusing Jarvis will be beside himself. I love to watch them.

8. I am still his most favorite person. I can also do very minimal things to make him smile or laugh. I love it when our eyes met and laugh at the same time. It's like we share a private joke. I think that makes his Dad a little jealous.

9. He loves his Dad too. When Dad's around he usually says "vahvahvah". So my husband and I think when he says "vahvahvah" that Jarvis is calling for him.

10. He already has his own language and manner on how he communicates with me. When he gets fussy or when he makes irritable sounds it usually because he needed some assistance like he probably pooped and want a change of diaper or hungry or sleepy. He turns his head side to side if he doesn't want to eat or drink anymore.

It's fascinating how someone as little as Jarvis can express himself in a certain way. I love that I am witnessing his transition. Several times a day I am thanking God for giving me this opportunity. It hasn't been financially easy for my husband and I since I have to quit my job to take care of our baby. But it's so so worth it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

This post will probably pick the interest of very few people, my husband and selected family members included, but like I said, this blog is about my life as a mom and a wife so you will encounter many posts similar to this in the future. I just hope that you will stay/ come back to take this journey with us!

Thanks for being here!


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