A Little Space for our Little One: The Start of Our Montessori at Home Journey

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In my previous post, I've mentioned that I am loving anything Montessori, particularly Montessori at home in a small space. I've been reading related topics for the past weeks to get ideas on how to start Montessori prepared environment in our small space.

We have a small house with only two bedrooms. One bedroom is being occupied by my Papa and the other I share with my husband and son. But even though we have a limited space we still want to bring a little Montessori into our home for our little one.

As a result, husband and I set off to work yesterday. We finally decided to let go of our home office desk in our bedroom along with other things to make way for Jarvis' space. It was really a tedious job because we didn't know where to put most of our stuff. But my husband and I were two determined folks. So we combined our heads, rolled up our sleeves, took turns in watching Jarvis and went to work to bring Montessori at home in a small space like ours.



If one is going to be technical, those rubber mats should be in neutral colors. However, they are hard to come by and I don't have much free time and budget to hunt them. My brother was available last Sunday to drive us to the nearest mall so we can find mats to kick start our Montessori at home in a small space project.

These mats are what I can find in the mall so we paid for them and made them work. Well, I guess as long as I can keep it clean and cluttered free, it's still relaxing for Jarvis hence hitting the structure and order principle of Montessori prepared environment for babies/children.

Anyway, the main reason we are incorporating the Montessori method in our home is because we want Jarvis to be independent and basically enjoy himself in our room. We want him to feel that he also owns the space and he should be comfortable. We also want to be comfortable with him exploring the space allotted to him.

Since he is still crawling, practicing sitting up and tasting every single thing presented to him, he still has limited access to the whole room. However, gradually, we will give him access to other areas of the room. We still need to prepare those "other areas" for him. We are also planning to baby proof the whole living room next. Although, I still think this little space is enough for him as of now.

He seems to really like it though. At first, he seems a little confused and didn't know what to make of his new space and new found freedom. He will play with few selected toys I presented to him for a while, then he will come to me and make me hold him. When I put him down again he will get fussy. But towards the end of the day, after a lot of encouragements, I think he warmed up to the idea of having a space of his own where I allow him to move freely.

Before I sleep last night, I selected toys for him to play with today. Also part of his sensory activity for today. He was playing with different textured balls and some soft animal toys from his play gym yesterday. I learn from other Montessori practicing moms that's it's best to rotate the toys to keep the baby engaged in a few selected toys longer rather than presenting them with many toys at once.

Upon observing Jarvis, I noticed that he doesn't seem to mind what kind of toys I presented to him, as long as I allow him to taste them, then he's happy. So I make sure they are clean and toxic free and all that kind of jazz.

We are going to add some stuff in his space that is in line with the Montessori prepared environment at home. I will definitely blog and show you if we made some major update on Jarvis' little freedom space. My husband and I are both very happy that we were able to start to incorporate Montessori at home in a small space like ours. Thanks for being here and have a blessed Holy Week!


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