Baby Haul: Books, Toys and More

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I've done some online shopping recently. It's not a lot, but I want to share them in case you are a mom like me and you are looking for some of these stuff for your baby.

Let's start with books because why not? Books are good for babies, right?

I want to introduce books to Jarvis as early as possible. I have always been a reader myself and I know it's a good thing. Naturally, I want my son to like books.

Paperback Book Set from
@ohbabyph on Instagram

The first set I bought were these paperback storybooks. I got over excited when my cousin told me about this Instagram shop that sells baby books because I really want to buy books for Jarvis but I cannot go to the mall.I actually bought this set several months ago but I want to include them on this haul because someone might be looking for these books. You'll never know...

As soon as I saw this set I ordered right away. When I received the books they were paperbacks. I was looking forward to board books and I thought they were really cheap for board books. When I went back to the seller's page. It was written there that these books were paperbacks. Lessons learned: always read before purchasing, and don't get over excited when shopping for baby stuff.

These were a lovely set of books but I cannot allow Jarvis to touch them longer than he wants to because he might destroy them. Nonetheless, I tried to read them to him but he only has his eyes and well, ears for one book, the Owl Babies. It's still our favorite book to read for bedtime story to date.

Because Jarvis loves the  Owl Babies so much, I allowed him to play with the book from time to time until he tore one page apart. That's the time I decided to get him a board book version so he can really enjoy it. I started to hunt for that book. It's not very popular so it took me awhile. But the book found me eventually.

Board Books from
@bookboutiqueph on Instagram

The online bookshop for babies/children followed me on Instagram and there I found our Owl Babies board book. I also ordered the How Much I Love You board book because it was highly recommended by other moms I know.

I recommend this IG shop because they have cheap and good quality books. They were not brand new books though. However, I find them to be in perfect condition and that's what really matters. Besides, this momma loves old books.

Touchy- feely books from
@ohbabyph on Instagram

I also bought my baby touchy feely books for his sensory and tactile activities. It took him awhile to learn how to use the book but he got there eventually. Babies are capable of learning and they are really smart than we give them credit for.

Jarvis is already 9 months and he doesn't have a lot of toys. At first, I really don't know what to get him because he's on a stage where he tries to taste everything. I figured he'd be happy and safe with few teethers. Oh, how wrong I was. Then I discovered Montessori at home and suddenly, I was flooded with ideas of what to get him.

Textured Multi-ball Set from
@belugadreams on Instagram

These balls were not traditional Montessori toys but they were popular among Montessori practicing moms because they are good for sensorial activity. Jarvis likes balls so this set is perfect for him.

A typical morning for our little boy.

Wire and Bead Maze, Xylophone and Stackable Rings (bought as set) from 
@momandmilly on Instagram

These were gifts from my best friend cousin. Jarvis liked the wire and bead maze the moment I introduced it to him. It still remains to be one of his favorite toys. It is a permanent display in his play area. I rotate toys because I don't want to overwhelm him with too many choices. It's a Montessori thing.

We are still not playing with the stackable rings because Jarvis is still not 100% careful with his movements, I'm afraid he might poke his eyes with it the stick.

The xylophone, on the other hand, is still waiting for its debut. The Dad thinks he's not ready for it and that he might get scratches from the metal part of the toy. I disagree, but we compromised. My husband is a little overprotective, bless his heart. 

Wooden Flashcard Stands from
@alittlemontessori on Instagram

If you read some of my previous posts, you'll know that I am using flashcards to introduce things to Jarvis. So when I saw one of my favorite Montessori mom sells this on Instagram, I know I have to have it. I display one flashcard for a week for an additional point of interest for Jarvis in his play area. At the moment, he gets excited when he sees dogs, so I put a picture of a dog on his flashcard stand. #followthechild

Stainless Cup from 
@alittlemontessori on Instagram

This stainless cup is a size of a shot glass, perfect for babies little grip. I absolutely love this little thing. Probably my favorite and most useful purchases among the bunch. 

Making Jarvis drink water is pretty challenging, but since we got this, he definitely shows some improvements. Perhaps because it is the perfect size for him. It also helps that it's not breakable like an actual shot glass.I highly recommend this stainless cup, especially if you are into cup feeding like we do.

Neck Floater from Shoppe

If you're a mom, you probably watched those cute videos on Facebook of babies on tubs with floaters on their necks and having a pool party. That video encouraged me to buy this neck floater for Jarvis. He doesn't mind wearing it but he doesn't want to use it. He cried when I let him go in the inflatable pool. But this little thing worked. It was pretty cool too. I hope Jarvis will warm up to this eventually.

During his first time in an inflatable pool.

Nose Frida from Shopee

Finally, the Nose Frida. If you are not familiar with this. It's a sort of a tool used to suction snot from babies nose. Jarvis just recovered from a really bad cold. During that time, his dad insisted on getting this, even though, it's pretty expensive because he really feels sorry for Jarvis when his nose was congested. It works! Jarvis hates when I pick his nose. Such a riot! Therefore, he loathes this thing but it does the job and it's pretty cool.

This is a pretty long post. If you reached this far, you are fabulous or perhaps, like me, you are also a nosy mom who wants to know what and why other moms buy such things for their babies. Hehe.

I realized how convenient it is to shop nowadays especially for a stay home mom like me, who rarely goes out. It's actually a blessing and curse. It's a blessing because it's easier to buy and find things online. It can be a curse because it's so easy, I can shop while lying in bed. If I don't watch myself we'll get bankrupt. Just kidding. I am mindful of my purchases. I make sure Jarvis will benefit from it. I have a mental note (which I am about to put on an actual note) of things that I want for Jarvis, lately, they are mostly Montessori inspired.

Anyway, let just end this here. Thank you for reading. 


  1. How cute of your little Jarvis. It's true what you said about convenient shopping. It's fun and convenient, you can easily go over the budget if you don't watch your spending. (Around Pilipinas)

    1. Thank you. Yeah I agree about being mindful of what we buy online. :)

  2. Keep on reading to Jarvis. He'll remember them and it is fascinating. I am saying this as a person who was read to by my parents. They told me I remember passages in the book and would frown if they do not get mentioned. So I know if my parents are actually reading the book or not. hehehehe -katrina centeno

    1. Hehe... Actually, I think Jarvis already remembered some passages on his favorite book, because sometimes I recite a passage out of the blue and he will smile in recognition. You are right, it's facinating and sure, I will continue to read for him. :)

    2. Hehe... Actually, I think Jarvis already remembered some passages on his favorite book, because sometimes I recite a passage out of the blue and he will smile in recognition. You are right, it's facinating and sure, I will continue to read for him. :)

  3. That Nose Frida is very handy. I remember we use an aspirator to get mucus out of our babies' noses. Kawawa naman kasi mga bata pag barado ilong.

  4. Oh mommy bless you! I was really in hunt for board books online and I read this post. Baby is 7 months and I can't also go to the mall whenever I want to because I'm exclusively breastfeeding him and mot of the time, I don't have stash because I currently don't work because it's vacation. I also want to purchase those ball set and stainless cup. I also observed that my baby wants to feel the texture of things so I wanted to get him that. :)

    1. I'm glad to be of help. Although, I forgot to mention that the stainless cup is out of stock. But I am sure she'll restock. I know it's one of her best seller. Good luck mommy!

    2. I'm glad to be of help. Although, I forgot to mention that the stainless cup is out of stock. But I am sure she'll restock. I know it's one of her best seller. Good luck mommy!

  5. Cutie baby sis. Oh I missed buying baby stuff. Hopefully, we'll have another bundle of joy soon.

  6. Great finds! I love the Montessori way of teaching though I'm still learning how to do it with a baby. I have a 7-month-old boy. Will check out the shops you mentioned because I'm also looking for Montessori type toys. I'm especially interested in the shot glass type cup coz my baby doesn't seem to like drinking in a sippy cup.


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