Jarvis' Birth Story

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 I gave birth to a baby boy almost 9 months ago and today I want to share my birth story. I hope that future mothers will find something in my story that would be helpful in facing their own childbirth experience. I just have to warn you that it is going to be a long post. I just want to put every detail of what transpired that day, not only for my readers but also for myself, so I have something to read back in the future. So if you are ready, let's get started...
My estimated date of delivery was supposed to be July 18, 2016. However, on July 10th, Sunday, I woke up and saw blood on my underwear yet I don't feel any pain. I immediately sent a message to my doctor describing what's happening to me. She then advised me to go the lying in where we usually meet and request a midwife to check on me.
I did as I told. At 8:30 am the midwife said I was 2cm already and was bleeding profusely. She reported to my OB who then advised me to go to the hospital. The doctor there will determine if I am going to be confined for delivery or not.
Since I am not in pain yet, I did not hurry to the hospital, instead, I asked my father (who drives me to the lying in) to take me home. My husband was still sleeping by then because he works graveyard. I did not bother him to go with me to the lying in because I have a feeling it's not yet time to give birth.
Once home, I ate breakfast and told my husband to get ready because I was advised to go to the hospital. At this point, all our hospital bags were packed. (If you are interested to know what I packed in my baby's hospital bag you can read it here). We arrived at the hospital at around ten in the morning. The attending physician examined me. I was still at 2cm with profuse bleeding (according to them) but without contractions. They called my OB and she ordered that I should be admitted to the hospital.
To make the story short, I was admitted to the hospital. Brought to the delivery room. Stayed there and chatted with the nurse for about 2 hours. Around noon, my OB finally arrived. She checked on me, did yet another IE and checked my stomach for contractions which still absent at this point. She said that contrary to the midwife's and attending physician's findings, I was not profusely bleeding. 

She also asked if I want induction labor since I was already in the hospital. I refused. I want to give my baby a  chance to come out on his own. My OB agreed. So she ordered me to go back to my hospital room for observation until 4 pm. If things did not improve, meaning if I am still at 2 cm then with no contractions, I can go home, walk a lot to trigger natural labor. 

 At 4 pm, everything was still the same, so we were discharged from the hospital.  I spent the following day walking and squatting but still did not feel contractions. I bled quite a bit but it's not alarming.
On Tuesday, July 12th, at 4 am, I was awakened by a pain in my belly. It felt like I was going to have my period. I haven't felt this kind of pain for almost 9 months so I know this could be an early sign of labor pain. I timed the pain interval and it's already on 4-5 minutes interval. I told my OB and she said to observe first. She asked me if it's too painful, I said no, the pain was tolerable. She then advised me to observe and go to the hospital when the pain becomes unbearable and if I'm on a 3-2mins interval. In the meantime, I should walk around. I did as I told. I walked around the house, did a lot of squats and walk again.
I've been in constant 5 mins interval contractions for almost the whole morning and mid afternoon. Around 3 pm, the pain interval was shortened to 3 to 2 mins but still, the pain was tolerable. 

At this point, my OB asked me to go to the hospital. Once in the hospital, they checked on me. I was already at 4cm but they think the baby isn't ready to come out yet.  They asked if I want to be admitted or go home and walk some more. Since I don't want to stay in the hospital and since the hospital was just 15 minutes away from home, without heavy traffic, I decided to just go home. We dropped by to a nearby mall before going home so I can walk around.
Around 6:30 pm of that same day, I felt water spilling (for lack of better term) on me. It's not overflowing, like those exaggerated scenes in movies when someone was about to gave birth, but enough to wet my undies, my dress into the bed. My OB said it might be my water bag leaking. She said I really need to go to the hospital at this point. She added that I have no choice but to be confined and induced labor if necessary. At this point, I can still tolerate the pain. I guess years of dysmenorrhea prepared me for this. 

I felt bad about the induced labor because I know my baby will be stressed then. They gave me 12 hours from the time my water bag leaks to wait for the baby to come out on his own. I was admitted around 7 pm on July 12th. It was the longest night of my life. I was lying in the labor room waiting for my baby to come out and at the same time enduring pain on 3 to2 minutes interval. I waited and talked to my baby to come out and get this over with but I was still 4cm at three in the morning of July 13th.
When the clock hit 4 am, I felt so tired for being in labor for 24 hours and my baby constantly moves every contraction so I know he's also awake for the same number of hours as I did.  At this point, my OB talked to me and suggested we conduct C-section because my water bag was leaking already and it might be dangerous for the baby if we waited. Also, the baby does not show any sign that he's coming out on his own.
I remembered feeling very sad because I wasn't able to give birth naturally, but I have to make a decision. Eventually, I agreed to a C-section. They called my husband for consent and they prepared me for the operation. I got a glimpse of my husband before they sent me to the delivery room and he has his most reassuring smile. I felt a little better. But still nervous as hell. I really don't want to undergo any operation if I can avoid it. But this one I cannot avoid. I told myself that everything is going to be ok.
They prepared me for the operation. I was a little groggy at this point. I told my doctor to knock me out but apparently, that isn't the norm. She said I need to be awake so I can see the baby when he comes out. They will just sedate me a little. 

Later, a guy came up introducing himself as the anesthesiologist. They injected the anesthesia shortly after the introduction and they started the procedure. I started shaking so bad. I heard them saying it's the combination of the effect of the anesthesia and my nervousness. That's probably correct. I don't feel anything but I was nervous as a wreck. I was shaking nonstop through the whole procedure.  I only calmed down when I heard my baby boy's cry. 

And oh man, the feeling when I heard him cry the first time. I felt relief and a kind of happiness I didn't know exists. I saw the nurse cleaning my baby and then they bring him to me so I can kiss my baby for the first time. I'm pretty sure I cried. I cannot be certain because I was so groggy. All I know was that despite the nerve-wracking procedure that was C-Section, something amazing happened to me, I became a mom on July 13, 2016, at exactly 5:42 AM, My baby came out weighing 2.8 kg or 6.16 lbs.

My childbirth story wasn't exactly how I planned and envisioned it to be. In fact, it was the total opposite of everything I planned for. But in the end, I delivered our baby, safe and sound and that's the most important thing.
I was also overwhelmed by the support of my husband who really went out of his way just to make sure I'm as comfortable as I can get. Husband's role in childbirth is very crucial too. They also deserve recognition. My family as always was outstanding! I am very blessed indeed.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. :)


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