10 Things Friday Vol. 4

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Hello and welcome back to another 10 things Friday where I share 10 random things about our lives this week! Let's get started...

1. My mom bought me 2 baskets on her last trip to Baguio and I've never been so happy to receive baskets as pasalubong in my life. I am really becoming a #montessorimom

2. A week ago we celebrated my beautiful niece's 18th birthday. It's so fun because we all get to dress up. Perfect opportunity to pose for a nice family photo. 

3. I removed most of Jarvis' colored rubber mats. I observed that he rarely stayed on them. He always prefers the floor and sometimes he only touches one basket I prepared, usually the treasure basket (see my Instagram for treasure basket ideas for babies). I thought maybe he was over stimulated with the different colors of the mats. So one night I decided to get rid of some of them. He seems to like it better. He now goes thru each basket and plays in the area allotted to him. Although he still crawls around the room whenever he feels like it.

4. I lost a couple of kilos without doing anything. Hehe... "Without doing anything" means anything that could help me lose weight. It's not noticeable but we all know functional weighing scale don't lie and ours is really functional. I cannot stress that enough. I guess the heat of summer plus carrying a 10kg baby helped a lot.

5. I really enjoy reading and educating myself about Montessori at home. Although we are not even halfway done preparing our home environment for Jarvis because we need more time and money for that, we already started in practicing some of her philosophy like follow the child and respect the child. So far I find it really helpful to understand Jarvis, his cues, and his needs since I practice the follow the child philosophy of Maria Montessori.

6. I also enjoy preparing and DIYing Montessori related stuff for Jarvis. I love preparing treasure baskets for him. It's not easy because I have to be creative and resourceful. Thank goodness to dedicated Montessori moms I followed on Instagram, I get a lot of inspiration from them. 

I also need to clean our floor and his toys every single night and arrange them nicely before I sleep, which I cannot do without being interrupted by Jarvis. He wakes up from time to time and will ask to be nursed. Before I knew it, it's already 9:30 PM and I was not even halfway done. But it's worth it!

7. I love to observe him come morning though, I love to see which basket will he prefer and which toys he enjoys playing. Right now, he likes to bump things together to create sounds. So I added metal lids in one of his baskets because he loves the sound of them. In short, he likes to create noise. 

8.  I hate the heat that summer brings but I love that fruits are cheaper this season. I enjoy making melon juice every day. Jarvis is not really into fruits but he likes melon. 

9. I really want to go back to working out regularly again but it's really hard to find time. Jarvis will wake up easily if I am not beside him. I want him to have long naps because it's good for him so most of the time I stay beside him when he sleeps. That's why I cannot workout. I tried, but it just stresses me out because he usually wakes up in the middle of my workout and he'll ask to be nursed and I'm all sweaty and hot. Not cool, so I stopped.

10. I am looking for TV Series that I can fell in love with. I am watching Riverdale. I like it but it's not Vampire Diaries caliber.  So far, the only TV series I can't wait to watch is YoungerTV. Anyway, do you have other recommendations?

This 10 things Friday is so random but I hope you still enjoyed reading it. Thanks for being here. 

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  1. Love your 10 Things Friday. KEEP writing them. ...Tanya


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