DIY Montessori Toy for Babies 8-12 months: Object Permanence Box

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One of the most common Montessori material you can find in a Montessori setting (home or classroom) is an object permanence box. It is also one of the most recommended first material to offer for babies 8 to 12 months who can actually sit on their own.  

Object permanence is one of infant developmental milestones wherein they recognize that an object still exist even though they don't see it in their line of vision. The object permanence box is recommended to present to babies when they show understanding of object permanence. 

I am a first-time mom. My son is now 10 months old. We are trying to incorporate Montessori at home method in our daily lives. Since I found out about the Montessori method I became even mindful of what toys or materials to get for my son.  

Even before we start practicing Montessori at home, I really didn't buy a lot of toys for my baby. There are two reasons: 

1. I don't know what to get him because my son always tries to put things in his mouth and as a first-time mom, I want everything to be clean and sterilized before it gets to my son's mouth.

2. I don't want to waste money on things that my son will just outgrow right away. So I figure he'll he happy and safe with his teethers. 

What am I thinking right? Fortunately, I was introduced to Montessori at home and as I continue to educate myself about this method of raising a baby, I found out a lot of meaningful toys for babies suited for my son's age.

First, let's clarify that there is no such thing as a "Montessori toy." Montessori never created toys, but only works for classroom settings.

I often drool with those traditional Montessori materials for babies but sometimes they can be very expensive and most of them are only available abroad. So if I can DIY anything, I'll be happy to do it. Like when I put together treasure baskets for my son, I share some ideas on this post.

But today is really about how I DIY our object permanence box. The idea isn't really original as there are a lot of moms who made this however, this is my take on a DIY object permanence box.

The key elements of an object permanence box are of course a box and a ball. I have a box of toy that I thought was perfect for this project. I used the ball from our textured multi-ball set that I showed on my previous baby haul click here.

Materials Needed

1. Scissors 
2. Tape
3. Marker
4. Boxes (I used a box of toy and a pancake  box for this project.)
6. Contact  paper (optional)
7. A ball

How to:

1. Cut the flaps on each side according to how wide you want the opening of the box will be.

2. Use the extra box (in my case, the pancake box) to make a ramp inside and to add arch on the opening.

3. You can also use other cut outs from the boxes to create a barrier on each side of the front of the box to avoid the ball from going anywhere.

4. Create a hole on top of the box the size of the ball you are going to use.

4. Finally, cover the box with contact paper. This is optional. I opted to use a contact paper because I have one available that I use for Instagram flat lay (another DIY) and I want to hide the prints on the box that might distract Jarvis when he works on this material.

When I first presented the DIY object permanence box to my son he got so excited and play with the box and didn't want to shoot the ball in the box. I tried to show him from time to time how it works. Until finally, in one of his playtime, he took the box and shoot that ball! I got over excited and get the camera right away. This photo was already his third attempt. #10months I must admit I distracted him which was not good. hehe.. But what am I gonna do eh? I need to document it for this post. 

I made this box several weeks ago and I was just waiting for my son to figure it out before I can post this blog. hehe.. 

 ...and he gave me this beautiful smile. Probably so I can show you that he's happy with what he did! 

I cannot say that this is my son's favorite material but he likes it. It was great to see though when he finally figured out how to work the object permanence box. Good thing I caught it on camera. What do you think of this Montessori material?

Have a great week and thanks for being here. 


  1. This is a good toy. The kid's eyes and hands coordination are tapped. And also his mental or intuition is used to successfully get the ball inside the box or through the hole.

    1. Yes it is a very nice toy. You are correct about the hand-eye coordination. :)

  2. So cool! I'm gonna try and make this one. I don't know if my baby is going to get how to use it yet though as he might try to put the box in his mouth. Haha! But for sure, after some time he'll understand what to do with it. :) Thanks for the idea!

    1. Haha... It took my son awhile to figure out how to use it himself. He became fascinated with the box right away though.

  3. Great job sis. I love DIYs so I will definitely try this one. Now, I'm excited to have a new baby. Hopefully, I'm a SAHM by then.

  4. Good job on making this object permanence box. Looks like your baby really liked it. At naka-save ka pa.

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