Where Are We In Our Montessori Journey?

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If you frequent this blog you'll know that I am currently into anything Montessori.  At first, I thought Montessori is just a method of teaching for pre-schoolers. I didn't know that we can do Montessori at home and we can start as soon as the baby was born. Obviously, we didn't start Montessori at home until Jarvis was almost 9 months.

Two of my favorite things about Montessori method are preparing the environment for the child and following the child. Today I want to talk about our progress in preparing our home environment for Jarvis.

A model Montessori prepared environment for infants

A Montessori prepared environment must be a place where you can allow the baby/child to safely explore. A "yes space" as they call it. A space where "no don't go there" "no don't touch that" are almost never mentioned. It's a space where baby can explore as they grow at their own pace. Allowing them "to be who they are supposed to be at exactly  when they were supposed to be."         

It was not easy to transform a space into a well-prepared environment for a child. Especially if you live in a small space that has a very limited storage area and if you are on a budget like us.

In our home, we are preparing one day at a time.  We started in our bedroom. At first, we decluttered a certain space to kick start our Montessori project see my post here. The only downside on that area were the colored mats that definitely not Montessori because it's best to use neutral colors to exude calmness and peace which is very important in a Montessori environment. I ended up removing some of the mats because Jarvis doesn't like them anyway see my explanation on this post. We are still about to put accessible shelves for Jarvis' toys and perhaps a mirror in his play area in our bedroom. In the meantime, I organized his toys on the floor using baskets.

As Jarvis grows, he also discovers new space to explore in our room. Since we have a small house it's really challenging to look for an area where we can store certain stuff that needs to be invisible to Jarvis but accessible for me and my husband.


We have this area in our room where we put all of Jarvis' daily necessities like a basket with baby wipes, his lotion, grooming kit etc., another basket for some ointments, oils and stuff like that. Things that we almost use on a daily basis for him. Jarvis frequent that area nowadays and I don't want to constantly tell him to "don't go there". I also hate carrying him back several times to where he started crawling because that would've been frustrating even for a baby. Imagine running a few miles to get to your destination then someone will just drag you back from the start. That would've been so annoying. I know Jarvis at some point felt that way as well.


It took me a while to make that a "yes space" because I really didn't know where to put those things. Eventually, I attacked our closet, did some KonMari folding techniques and viola, I created a small space where we can put Jarvis' stuff. Now we have one more "no space" turned into a "yes space" and I feel so accomplished. It feels great to allow Jarvis to explore without too much restriction. I love to see him discover new things that he can do because most of the time it surprises him too and makes him smile. As little as he is, he knows when he accomplished something new.

Before we discovered Montessori Jarvis is an 8-month-old who's almost always in bed with me, playing with his teethers, cannot sit on his own and his source of entertainment is me, his own videos on my phone and nursery rhymes on YouTube. I also read to him on a daily basis, which he really likes. But whenever he tried to explore on the edge of the bed, I will drag him back to me. When we finally start preparing the environment for him, allowed him to explore in our room and give him few selected toys, it just took him a week to learn how to sit properly, be careful with his movements, crawl two ways: with his stomach on the floor and all fours. 

Now at 10 months he can stand and walk with support. Although I respect his own pace in his development, I also realized that the restriction somewhat delayed his progress. Now I am at peace that somehow we are giving him space where he can explore and develop his abilities at his own pace.

It is truly rewarding to see our space transform into a baby friendly environment and I can witness every day how Jarvis grows and develops himself in that space. I saw how he tried to stand using the edge of the bed as support, not very safe, but he learned to be careful. It is also easy for me to leave him for a minute especially when I need to pee because I know he will be safe in an environment we prepared for him. Along the way, my husband and I are learning to be organized and always clean up after ourselves to maintain the order and cleanliness in our room. It's a work in progress since both of us were such slobs.

There is one more area we need to address in our room. We have another shelf that full of toiletries of me and my husband and other miscellaneous. Jarvis is beginning to discover that area as well. I already have an idea on what to do in that space but I need more time. 

As you can see we are not even halfway in making our home a Montessori prepared environment but as of now, I would like to concentrate on creating a space where Jarvis can explore freely without spending too much. But little by little we will add some stuff that is in line with a Montessori prepared environment for babies.

I am planning to prepare our living room next. I think it's the easiest to prepare in the house because we don't have a lot of things in there. But we chose to prepare the bedroom first because that's where Jarvis and I stay most of the time. Our kitchen is the hardest. It's possible but it will cost a lot. At the moment we cannot afford to pay for modifications. I'm still pondering how best to prepare the kitchen without spending too much or without spending at all. That would be a challenge but a challenge that I am willing to take.

Maybe you'll ask, why do I want to go an extra mile to prepare our home for Jarvis? He's just a baby. Well, the answer is already there, he's just a baby so he needs to be in a place where he can be safe and be allowed to explore freely as he grows. I want him to feel that he really lives in this house and not just some new guy who can only have access to four walls of the crib. He is our child and he is an occupant of this house as much as we do. Also, it's easier to look after him if we know that he can safely explore in our own home.

What do you think about the prepared environment for babies? Do you like Montessori at home so far? Thanks for being here. Talk to you soon!


  1. Oh I'd love to have a Montessori prepared environment for our baby. But I don't even know how to find the time to do with everything I have on my plate. And like you, we live in a small space as well so I really have to be super creative in finding a place that I can turn into a yes space.

    1. Take it one day at a time. I usually spent so much time at night thinking of where to put certain stuff to make room. In the end, we let some family members borrow our stuff. Like my office table. My nephew will use it until I'm ready to have it back which I know not anytime soon. I am also going to sell some stuff that we no longer use to make more yes space for my son. It's hard but it's possible. I would love to see your space when you start. :)

  2. I wanted to have this kind of space for.my baby sa house namin. Yun nga lang, you need talaga dedication para magawa to. Btw, magkasing age mga babies natin.


    1. Yes sis. You really need dedication and time to make things work. You also have to learn to let go of things. I gave up own home office set-up just to create thus small space for my baby. Yey! Our babies are on the same age we can share notes on how raise them well. Wink!wink!

  3. This is a very nice idea. I would consider this when we have a new baby. Before kasi I also de-cluttered a space for my son as a play area and place for his toys. By the way, your little boy is so cute. I like his curls.

    1. Aww!!! Are you planning to have a baby soon? I bet it'll be as cute as Matt too. Thanks for saying that my baby is cute. I am in love with his curls too.


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