DIY Toys for Babies Using Recycled Materials

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When I was pregnant I remember people telling me that our room is going to be messy because of so much baby toys. But when we actually have a baby, I didn't know what toy to get my son. I don't want to get him just any toy mainly because he puts everything into his mouth. As a result, we didn't buy a lot of toys. 

Eventually, I found out about Montessori at home. It was a great method of raising babies. It taught me that I don't need a lot of toys for my baby. What truly matters is preparing the environment for him so he can explore independently while providing him selected materials that would help develop his senses (smell, sound, taste, touch, and sight), fine motor skills and later on give him access to practical life activities. 

Although there are a lot of expensive Montessori materials, there are also ways to DIY them. Actually, I realized that half of my son's toys, at least those that are in his play area right now, are DIYs.  I love to make DIY materials for my baby because I can personalize it according to his interest. 

One of Montessori philosophy is following the child. I love to observe my son when he plays and find out what activities he likes to do most. Then, I will consider my observation when deciding what toys to display in his play area. 

I spent so much time on Pinterest to find DIY materials that I can do for my 11-month-old baby. And of course, Pinterest did not disappoint. Here are two DIY materials I recreated that I found on Pinterest. The best thing about them is that they are all recycled materials so I didn't have to pay for anything.

Sensory Bottles


1. Small glass or plastic bottles - in this project, I used the plastic bottles of liquid soap. These were leftover party favors from my son's baptismal. 

2. Things you can put inside the bottles- Beads, lentils, rice, beans, small shells, colored liquid etc. 

On this project, I used beads because I have plenty of them stashed away and rice.

I made these sensory bottles because my son loves materials that can create noise. He loves to play with these sensory bottles. Always, observe your baby and figure out what entice them in terms of materials to play with. Always follow the child.

Box and Ribbons

I absolutely love this material not only because my son likes to play with it but because I like to play with it as well. It's such a stress reliever.


1. A Box - use a plain box with less print as much as possible, so that the child will not be distracted with the prints when they are working with the material. On this project, I used an Old Navy box.

2. Several ribbons and strings- I've seen DIY like this that has different colored ribbons with different textures. You can buy cute colored textured ribbons if you like, but since my goal was to recycle, I just used the ribbons that were available at home. I used ribbons from the popular cake company in the country, (we buy a cake monthly to celebrate every month added to my son's existence) and several strings from paper bags.

I created tiny holes in the plain side of the box and tie the ribbons and strings from each end. I used washi tape to securely close the box. My son doesn't know how to work with tapes yet, so it should be good. Also, it's easy to open the box when it's time to pull the ribbons back in.

My son and I enjoy pulling the strings. This material can also help him practice his pincer grip. I made this DIY material because just like most children, my baby likes to play with ribbon, strings, and boxes. Again, I followed the child.

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  1. Oh I have learned another DIY again. I love DIY sis. You are very creative talaga. Keep it up!

  2. I LOVE the box and ribbons idea. My baby now enjoys playing with tags. Whenever he sees a tag from a pillow, clothing, towel or whatever, for sure he's going to start playing with it. So, he's going to love playing with the ribbons too. My only problem with this is that he likes to put everything in his mouth. How do I prevent him from chewing on the box?

  3. Babies do not really need a lot of toys. They can explore child-friendly things around the house to develop their senses. It is when they are a little older that they may like to have a few more toys they can really play with. Nice DIY again, sis.

  4. That's really nice and inexpensive! Our children don't need expensive toys, they need those that are educational and you're able to provide that for your baby. I look forward to more DIYs. :)

  5. Toys that appeal to the sensory capability of the child could develop abd enhance his ability and of discriminating things. Thus his intelligence is developed.

  6. Nice project. I love doing DIYs too but I find no time because of workload.

  7. This post make me want to do DIY's myself. As you know, I LOVE DIY kaso wala nang time lately kasi busy for work, and spending time with family kasi summer time. Thanks for inspiration Sis.


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