Inexpensive Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Soon it is going to be a very special day for the most amazing men in our lives, our dads, and husbands. Do you already know what to get these important men in your life? Well if not, I got you covered. I have some inexpensive Father's Day gift ideas on this post! Let's get into it then.

1. Photo with their kids to decorate on their office desk or bedside table.

I think this is a very thoughtful gift. Since we are in the digital age, many of us seldom have their photos printed. I'm pretty sure a lot of dads with their busy schedule wouldn't think of having their photos with their child/children printed out so they can decorate it on their office desk or bedside table. So this is a perfect father's day gift to a sentimental yet very busy dad! I certainly love this inexpensive Father's Day gift idea because I love good photos!

I have printed out some of our digital photos because I found a good deal online. Click here to see my blog post about that if you haven't already.

2. Treasure basket for dads.

The treasure basket is not only for babies/children but for adults too (click here to see some treasure basket ideas for babies). The great thing bout this concept is you can customize the content of the basket according to the receiver's interest and your budgetHere are some treasure basket ideas for dads

Favorite snacks basket - Fill the basket with his favorite snacks (chips, drinks, chocolates and candies). I did it last year for my husband. He's not officially a father yet then because I was still pregnant but I gave him a gift anyway. He absolutely loved that gift and I am sure many fathers will do too. Well, I guess my husband enjoyed that gift so much because he really loves to eat. And I mean REALLY. LOVES. TO. EAT.

Vanity Basket for Dads- You can also fill the treasure basket with your husband's or father's vanity essentials like his favorite cologne, aftershave, soap, etc. Some dads do not usually prioritize their own vanity needs because they rather use the money for more important things. Thus it would be awesome to treat hardworking dads with things that would make them feel good about themselves. 

Basket of Ingredients- If your husband or father loves to cook, you can put together the ingredients of his favorite dish in the basket. So he can cook and you can eat. Win win! I think my husband will love this gift because he also loves to cook.

Collectible Basket- You can put together collectible items (t-shirt, mugs, tumbler, pens etc) from his favorite video games or movies. This is perfect for those techy dads.

I'm sure you can also come up with unique ideas to put in your dad's or husband's treasure basket for father's day! Go wild! Hehe..

I hope you find this simple inexpensive Father's Day gift ideas post helpful. At the end of the day, any gift for father's day is useless if we don't show them respect and appreciation. Therefore aside from gifts don't forget to say thank you and I love you to these important men in our lives!

"It is easier for a father to have children than for the children to have a real father!" - Pope John XXIII

Happy Father's Day to your dad and husband! 

Thanks for being here! Have a wonderful week!


  1. I think Father's Day is very near. It is the 18th of June which is the 3rd Sunday of June. I have no idea what is in store for me from my children and also from my wife. This is the day which makes us happy for being humbly recognized as the head of our family and as a loving husband to our wife.

  2. These are nice gift ideas - not really expensive and very customizable. I haven't decided yet what to give my husband for Father's day. Still thinking.

  3. Happy father's day po! I go for the wine as gift but it depends. Sometimes, dads love shoes or wristwatch as a gift. :-)

    Joseph (

  4. I love the treasure basket idea! We still haven't planned on what to do this father's day! Last time we surprised all fathers after the CLP in Couples for Christ, and it was fun! Thanks for more ideas!

  5. Thank you for these ideas. I still don't know what's gift for my husband to buy. I'll try the vanity basket of the basket for ingredients as he loves to cook. Thanks.

  6. I really love the treasure basket idea. I think I'll do that for my hubby this year. But I have to figure out first what kind of treasures he will appreciate the most. :)

  7. This is such a great idea! Love the treasure basket perfect sa asawa ko to next year. Thank you for this great idea Sis:)


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