Jarvis' One Year Birthday

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Jarvis, my son, turned one year old a couple of weeks ago. We were very happy and excited when that day came because it's not every day our little muffin turns a year old. We had very simple plans for his birthday. We had a small gathering with family and very close friends to celebrate his one year. I will talk about that in my next post. There were a lot of DIY on that post so watch out for that if you are into that kind of thing. 

I thought hard for ways to make his birthday extra special. I want him to enjoy that day more than any other day. I don't want to subject him to a kind of celebration that only the adults can enjoy. He is just one year old and very much attuned to his routine and I don't want him to feel uncomfortable, especially not on his very first birthday. So far, I think we have succeeded. 

The night before his birthday, I took out his old comforter. I thought I will take a picture of him sleeping in it. When putting it in bed he recognized it and the robot print we call "Robotech" and he laughed so hard. I already forgot how much he liked the print on his comforter. So we play with it until he fell asleep on it.

While he was sleeping I hung banners above his shelves saying happy birthday. I decorated at child's level because after all, it was his birthday. If anyone should see the greetings it should be him.

We already prep him for his birthday. I try to tell him as often as I can that he's going to have his birthday soon. We sing happy birthday to him from time to time and I read to him a book that was related to birthdays and parties. 

On the actual day of his birth, we didn't go out because I know Jarvis will not really enjoy that. He likes his floor time so much. Thus we gave him a lot of that on his birthday.

When he woke up he stared at the banners for a very long time and refused to go near his shelves. Later on, he's making noises, as if he's about to cry while staring at the banners. So I took them out. Then he relaxed and started to play. I forgot that he is in the sensitive period for order and I disrupted the order in his play area when I put up the banners without him looking.

After a while, I tried to hang the banner again while he was around and he appreciated it this time. He smiled at me and wants to touch the banner. So I let him. On the day of his birthday, I vowed never to change anything in our house without him around.

Also on his special day, we prepared yet another treasure basket for Jarvis but this time it has all the things he will really enjoy.

A basket ball and basketball ring- he likes putting things inside a hole. A while back, his dad made him a DIY basketball ring and he seemed to really enjoy it. So we decided to give him a basketball ring and a miniature basketball! He likes it very much.

Rubber ducky- The first thing he was able to identify using his word is a duck. He says "duck" whenever he sees duck while watching his nursery rhymes or sees them in his books. He also likes when I sing, (although not a very good version) 5 little ducks. This should've been a surprise but the dad was so excited, he showed him as soon as we bought them. But when we got home, I hid them and just took them out again for his birthday.

Since we cannot find a miniature duck that looks like an actual duck, I just printed out picture of an actual duck. 

Duck flash card- I always display a flash card on his shelves. Sometimes things I want him to know or sometimes things he really likes. So on his birthday, I put something familiar or something that he will really enjoy.

I let him play with water longer than usual after he takes a bath. 

I cooked his favorite dish. Potato and carrots sauteed in garlic, tomato, and onion.

It was a very simple day yet memorable for us. I hope Jarvis in his simple understanding of everything enjoyed his day because that's our goal. 

I am so thankful to God for blessing us with a baby boy. I truly enjoyed spending every single day of a year with him. It was never easy, but it has given me so much joy and  I definitely learned a lot. 

In my search for a good way in raising him, I found Montessori at home and it changed our parenting game since then. It's still challenging but no longer as scary. I found a method that I am comfortable doing, trust and whole heartedly believe. I am so excited to see him grow and practice his independence. We have so many plans on how to assists him to become an independent boy.

Like I said before, it feels bittersweet to celebrate his one year. I feel sad that I cannot go back to those days when he was still so little that I can hold him in one arm. I already miss that small baby boy. I am a bit teary eyed here. At the same time, I am excited for the coming years. I am excited to witness more of his firsts. I hope you'll continue to join us for the coming years! Thanks for being here!


  1. Happy, happy birthday to Jarvis. Everyday is actually special when spent with our kids. Birthday celebrations need not be lavish, but time well-spent with the celebrant.

  2. Happy 1st birthday, Jarvis! I completely understand how you feel, sis! Definitely bittersweet. Yung masaya ka for the milestone but at the same time, sad that they're growing up so fast. Ang hirap intindihin. Parang gusto natin silang lumaki na parang ayaw! hehe.

  3. Happy birthday to baby Jarvis! You did so well with the decors. Looks like your baby enjoyed them.

  4. Happy First Birthday, Jarvis. I felt same way too Sis when my daughter turned one. I feel like she just growing so fast, then nasundan agad. Lol! Goodluck and congratulation for reaching 1 year milestone of being a Mom:)


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