Play Area Makeover: Montessori Space for 11 Months Baby

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More than a week ago I did a makeover on Jarvis' little play area. I made it look more like a Montessori space for 11 months baby. So I thought I'd share today what I did, where I get the things I used and so on. I like to share this because I have few friends who asked me questions about Montessori at home and how they want to do it in their own home but they do not have space. But then I always tell them that we used to have the same problem until we decided to make a space. I already shared on a blog post (click here) what we did to create a little space for Jarvis in our bedroom. I want to show that it is very possible to have a Montessori prepared environment for your baby even if you have a small space and you are on a budget.

In fact, for this space makeover, we only spent less than Php 3,000. You can spend less especially if you don't need to repair a wall like we did on this play area makeover.

When I was still new to Montessori at home, space is also my biggest problem. But then I thought hard and finally work together with my husband to declutter a space in our room so we can create a play area for Jarvis.

This is the before.

In our excitement, we bought colorful rubber mats so we can baby proof the floor and walls. I already know then that Montessori suggested creating a space that is peaceful and clean. Therefore using neutral colors in baby's room or play area. I thought as long as I clean the colorful mats and organize toys in baskets that we are good to go. We just have to make sure that we have the correct Montessori mindset and practice them to our baby which we know is more important than the Montessori prepared environment.

This is the best blog post I found explaining Montessori mindset.  You can read almost all the reasons I fell in love with the Montessori method on that post.

But over time, I observed that Jarvis always gets out of the colorful rubber mats and play outside of them. As I continue to educate myself about Montessori, I realized that maybe he was over stimulated by the colorful mats hence he wanted to get out of it. So I removed most of the mats on the floor. 

When I removed the colorful rubber mats, he stayed on the place where they used to. I tried to look for rubber mats in neutral colors that are not as expensive as the Skip Hop brand I see from some Instagram accounts of Montessori moms. But I was unsuccessful until Jarvis doesn't need them anymore. So I just concentrated on looking for ways and materials to transform his play area. 

The first on my list was how to repair the walls because I know once I  removed the rubber mats the paint will come off as well. I considered repainting the wall but that would mean repainting the whole room not to mention the mess and the cost.

Good thing I found this 3D Foam  (brick) Wall stickers on Shopee for only Php180 each. I bought 2 pcs. I saw other sellers sell this for Php 250 to Php 450 each.  So I really think I got a good deal.

Then we started looking for shelves. I delayed buying shelves because I was waiting for Jarvis to fully stand on his own or with minimal support. We started with Montessori at home when he was going 9 months.  I don't want to buy a 1 layer shelf then upgrade to two or three layers later on. So I thought I'd wait a few more months. He is 11 months now (very close to being 1 year old) and he can almost stand on his own. 

I took my time to find the perfect shelves because I have to consider the size and our budget. Fortunately, we found the shelves we are looking for at @bookboutiqueph on Instagram for Php 2100. Then my mom bought "buy 1 take one 1" mirrors for Php 900 at SM and gave the other one to us.

Snippets from my Instagram Story when I was single-handedly transforming Jarvis' play area.

Once I have everything I need for the room makeover, I set to work. I did everything alone because I cannot wait for my husband's day off. I also did it while the baby is around. I want him to see his area transformed. Montessori said that a baby goes through some sensitive periods and one of them is the sensitive period for order. It is suggested that if parents are to make any changes in their child's room, the child should be present, so as not to overwhelm him with the change. It wasn't easy to work while my baby was around but I managed and he seemed to enjoy what we were doing.

Sometimes I wish I have all the money so I can transform the whole house into a Montessori prepared environment for my son as soon as possible. But since we don't, we have to take things slow and think ways to make our home a more Montessori prepared environment on a budget. I  really enjoy the challenge though because I get to work on my creativity. I also want to show or if you may, inspire others to do the same because I want to prove that we can do Montessori at home even in a small space and on a budget.

Jarvis is going to walk soon and I want to introduce him to more practical life activities in the kitchen. That's why I am planning to work on the kitchen next. It's going to be super challenging but I am excited. I already have some things in mind. If you want to know more about our Montessori journey you may follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page. See you there and thanks for being here!


  1. Hi Mayen, you really did great in transforming Jarvis' corner! Congrats! Wish I could do the same at our tiny home.

  2. Hi Mayen, you really did a great job in transforming Jarvis' room! I wish I could do the same for my son, sooner. Btw, if you still want a neutral mat, I found a wood colored mat at Rustan's Shangrila Plaza, it's aroung Php800 for four large mats.

    1. Thank you. I think I still the mat. I'll check it out.

  3. That is so nice na sis. You really did a great job and looks like you have a smart boy. Looking back, I wish I had this idea when my son was as small as your little boy. Anyway, bawi na lang sa next child in the future.

    1. Thanks sis. I'm excited what you will come up with when you have a new baby.

  4. I really like your Montessori area. I've been thinking of where to place ours. I think we can allocate an area in the living room if move around some things there. My baby actually turned 10 months old today so I have to start this already. Waa!!!

  5. I am in love with the 3d wallpaper! At ang ganda ng Montessori area nya, nakakatuwa tingnan! ♥ Kudos to you, sis!

  6. You're resourceful. I know kid's playing area or space should have more safe toys for his to manipulate to develop his psycho-motor skill and also with various attractive colors which could develop his visual discrimination. And I think it should have also something for the kid to listen, a lively music to make him alive and kicking to enhance his listening ability.


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