To Use a Walker or Not to Use a Walker to Help a Baby Walk

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As a first-time mom who has seen generations of babies used a walker to help them learn to walk, it's not surprising for me to choose the former at first. I remember my excitement when Jarvis was finally ready to use the walker. I remember I even blogged that finally, I can have time to workout while he uses his walker. I thought I was giving him freedom then. I thought it's a win-win situation for both of us. I have plenty of hands-free time and he can have the time of his life on the walker and at the same time allow him to learn how to walk. But those moments were short lived.

When I discovered Montessori at home and how it will be beneficial to allow the baby to explore on his own in a prepared environment and let him develop his abilities at his own pace, I never let him use his walker on my watch again. The key word here is "on my watch" because the dad still made him use the walker "on his watch" which does not happen a lot, thank God. Jarvis cannot even stand on his own then. I guess the last time he was in his walker was 3 months ago. My husband is very protective of Jarvis that's why it took him a while to fully trusts Jarvis to move on his own. Later on, after seeing Jarvis' progress he finally trusted him and he let go of the walker completely.

This video was taken a few days after his one year birthday. He cannot fully walk yet. This probably the longest he'd walk without resting or sitting down. 

I was advised to practice Jarvis walk while putting a cloth under his arms but I decided not to follow that as well. Instead, I allowed Jarvis to discover what he's capable of on his own by just letting him move freely every day. Eventually, before he even turned one (on July 13) he learned how to stand on his own and finally experiment in walking on his own.  I love the fact that I witnessed this milestone unfold before my eyes. It was an answered prayer for me. 

But that just an icing on the cake because the most rewarding part was to see him develop better control of his movements. Because he spent so much time on the floor mastering his every move, he became very careful and confident with his movements. Which he might not learn should he used a walker for a longer period of time. Jarvis moves like a bullet in his walker. I really can't imagine that he can learn his precise balance and control in his walker.

Sorry for the messy background.. hehe.. #reallife #liveauthentic
Love that my husband was able to capture these shots when he tries to stand-up on his own without support. It's not the first time though.

Since I know he has better control of his balance, I don't worry too much that he might get hurt. I still watch him closely though, just in case he needs me and because he cannot fully walk yet but so far he's doing great on his own. 

People notice that he has great balance and seems calculating of his movements. I've seen him practice standing on his own, tried working on his first few steps, cover a short distance from our bed to his cabinet until finally he braved covering longer distance with such precision and control. As a mom, I can't help but be proud of his achievements but it's not all about that, it is more about discovering what a baby can do when they are given freedom to move in an environment prepared for them.

I know many children, learn how to walk with the walker, I've seen that on my nieces and nephews and they grew up okay but I still suggest to not to get a walker and just allow your baby to develop their abilities at their own pace. Watch them closely and help them if they need it. Just keep in mind not to rush them to do anything. 

Children have different time tables, some can walk earlier than the others and that's fine! Your job as a parent is to make sure his environment is safe for him to move around and allow him to discover his capabilities on his own. Believe me when I say that it is truly rewarding that way. Aside from the fact that Jarvis is very careful of his movements he also learned how to overcome some obstacles on his way. If a toy goes under a table or a chair he can get it without bumping his head. I admit it took him two minor bumps on the head before he learned that lesson, he even cried the first time but after that, he learned

I hope to witness and share many more milestones of our little muffin to you on this blog. If you want more you can follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram. See you there! Thanks for being here!


  1. All my children used the walker when they were small. But they did more crawling, walking while pushing a chair or the walker (he/she is not inside the walker) and eventually climbing as well. Children need to develop their motor skills in different ways. Good job Jarvis!

  2. Ahhh, he's so cute and curly! I love the curls, really! I miss those on my son's head. He walked faster than Nate, 1 week after Nate's first birthday, he could only walk maybe 5 or more steps on his own. I let him use a walker.

  3. Walker can be helpful. But with our experience, it just delayed the time our son finally walk on his own. He walked at 14 months although I believe each child has it's own time table when it comes to their milestone. Better pa din if we just let them explore on their own.

  4. Your baby is so cute. My daughter used a walker when she was little, and had no problems with it. She had easy access to toys in front of her, attached to her walker. Fun times. :)

  5. My first three children used walkers. It wasn't until recently when I learned that walkers can do more harm than good. So we decided not to use one with our baby now. He's only 10 months old but can already stand on his own for about 15 seconds. He's so game to actually start walking already. He got a lot of practice doing so in his playpen but now he prefers to walk on the floor itself. Makes me so worried sometimes because we have tiled flooring. Still have to find time to find that montessori type mat so I can let him practice there.

  6. I remember our first son was aided in his walking by an andador (ambulator) bought by his grandfather (in my side). But it's better that we helped him to get used to walking as he gradually gained confidence and was able to walk while clinging or taking the wall for his balance.

  7. I remember my son used walker when he was 5 months but only when he's in the mood. He still prefers crawling and standing in his playpen. My son started walking exactly on his birthday.


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