One-Year-Old Birthday Celebration: Party Ideas and Decor

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When a baby turns one year old it's actually a big deal among family members. Naturally, a lot of parents will think of grand celebration for the first year of their little one. For awhile I also contemplated whether to have a simple or big celebration. In the end, we decided on a simple celebration at home with family and very close friends. There were a couple of good reasons why we came up with that decision. I think they are important realizations that I want to share.

First reason, I know that my son will not enjoy a grand celebration in a place he's not familiar with. He will not appreciate loud music or noisy children games. He's not into that yet and I don't want to force him into it.

Also, he is very used to his daily routine and I don't want to disrupt that drastically even for just a day. Like I said, in my post about how we celebrate the actual day of his birthday, I want him to enjoy his birthday more than any day of the year. I want him to be comfortable and happy on his special day hence we opted to a quiet celebration that we know he will enjoy.

The second reason is that we do not want to spend a lot of money on his birthday (because honestly, we don't have a lot of that. Hehe...And even if we do, we will still choose the quiet celebration). We'd rather spend our money on meaningful things like our Montessori at home project (yes, that's all I can think of right now). There are so many things we want to do in our house to make Jarvis feel comfortable and safe. We want him to have as many child-size furnitures / things as we can possibly provide him around the house to promote his independence. (see his little Montessori space here)

With that said, we came up with a decision to do Jarvis' one-year celebration at my sister's house. It's like our third home so Javis is comfortable there. Our second home is my parents'. Our house is too small for the celebration that's why we chose my Ate's house.

We went for a black, white and gold theme. I got the color palette from Jarvis' favorite book (the Owl Babies) then when I looked up Pinterest for inspiration. I got convinced that it's the perfect theme for Jarvis' birthday.

We sent out virtual invitations which I also got from Pinterest. There was a section in our invitation where we expressed that we would appreciate monetary gifts that will go to Jarvis' Montessori at home funds. The reason I did so is that I want to minimize receiving toys that Jarvis might not use. My husband was against it at first, he's a bit shy. But our guests like I said, were family and friends, I'm sure they won't mind. True enough, almost every body was generous enough to contribute to Jarvis' Montessori at home funds. Now I already used half of it as down payment for Montessori inspired materials I ordered online.

As for the decorations. We didn't overdo it. We just printed out banners I got from Pinterest and cut out buntings. For buntings, we used Carolina, gold foil and print out a black, white and gold pattern I found on Google.

We also displayed Jarvis' zero to 12 months photos in black and white. I absolutely loved what we came up with and you wouldn't believe what we used to make them all stick on the wall without ruining the wall paint? Clay! Yes! You read it right. Clay. As in playdough clay. It's my sister's little hack she learned from work. It works almost perfectly.

We prepared a simple dessert table to accentuate the theme and of course to give our guests some delicious sweet treats.

I baked cupcakes, which also served as our party favors, and brownies. We added marshmallow which we put on black and white and gold paper straw for added decorations. We also served some oreo cookies. We displayed some print out words I put on a frame which I got from Google and edited using Adobe Fireworks. And that's pretty much it for the decor. Nothing too fancy but I seriously loved them.

For food, my mom did the cooking thru the help of some cousins and friends. My mom offered to cook and she's an awesome one!

The celebration turned out the way we want to. It was simple, quiet and fun. Jarvis was calm and happy during the celebration which was the most important for us. We get to be with people we love. We truly appreciate the overflowing love of our family and friends to Jarvis. He's such a blessed boy. We love him so much.

Thanks for being here.


  1. Happy first birthday to your dear baby! Same here, we just had a simple celebration at home with our immediate family. Every year we threw a diy party for our son until this year when he turned 7. We gave him a McDo pre-birthday party then two more celebrations on his birthday. Everything is worth it because I know he felt so much love and happiness.

  2. Happy birthday, Jarvis. I think lavish one-year birthday celebration is not necessary. A simple celebration like what you did is enough. Love your cupcakes.

  3. Happy birthday, Jarvis! ♥ Continue to bring smile to your mama and papa's face. I love your DIY, sis. It's so nice and classic. We also DIY'd Nate's 1st birthday and dedication. It was a long preparation, it was tiresome but it's all worth it. :)


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