10 Things Friday Vol. 6

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I haven't done 10 Things Friday in while. So I figured, since I don't have a post last week and I have no planned post this week, I'll just write 10 Things Friday instead. Kind of life update if you may. Here we go.

1. You already know that I love Montessori and two of my favorite Montessori Mommies followed me on Instagram just recently. That made me super happy. 

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2. Also, Sunday last week, I finally received the Montessori materials I ordered online and they are all beautiful materials. I am so excited for Jarvis to use them but he's not into them yet because he is more into gross motor activities lately. Therefore, he prefers activity that would allow him to move a lot. 

3.  Those beautiful Montessori materials were personally delivered to us by Mars of Montessori on Mars. So I was so kilig when I saw her and talked to her in person. If you are doing Montessori at home you probably know her. I really like her and I've been following her IG for a while now. She's one of my inspirations in doing Montessori at home

4. I gained a lot of Instagram followers last week because one of my favorite Montessori moms recommended me to her followers. I feel really flattered to be recognized like that. However, I also feel a little bit pressured. I am not a Montessori expert. I am still learning so I hope my new followers will not be disappointed and will not mind me posting things not even related to Montessori. Like my IG worthy breakfast perhaps? Hehe...

5. My baby is really growing up so fast. Now that he can walk, he wants to spend so much time outdoors. How I wish we have a park nearby where we can walk in the morning. But since we don't, we just try to maximize what we have. We walk around the neighborhood every morning. Also, I wish we have a cooler weather. I am not an outdoor person so I really do not enjoy the sun. But my son loves the outdoor so.... 

6. I am going to start potty-train, Jarvis. Actually, I think I should've started sooner but I procrastinate. I'll be honest, I am not excited about potty training but you gonna do what you gonna do! So let's do this!

7.   I've been reading books again. In fact, I finished my first ever book that is not a novel. It's a Montessori book and I have a few more lined up. 

8. We cut Jarvis' hair. It took me awhile to let go of some of his curls but I have to at some point. He looks good though!

9. I am currently obsessed with Nestea wintermelon milk tea. My sister-in-law introduced me to it and I instantly fell in love. We usually add nata-de-coco to the drink. It's so good! If you are a milk tea lover you'll love it.

10. The "ber" months has started. Have you decided on your Christmas decor yet? I already took out my Christmas mugs. I also decided not put our giant Christmas tree this year because I need the space for Jarvis' stuff. My sister has a bigger house, so I might let her borrow our Christmas tree this year.

May you all have a great weekend! Thanks for being here.


  1. You really is an inspiration. And I like that you have a regular blog post theme. While me, I have so many back logs. I wish I can really make time to blog again.

    1. Thanks Mommy Maye. You are inspiration too. I admire that you managed to have a regular job and keep blogging at the same time.

  2. It’s the first time I came across Montessori at home. My niece and nephew go to Abbas Montessori. I’m curious how different or similar the approaches could be.

  3. This is such a really nice blog post, inspiring tsaka give some ideas for my next blog. I'm excited for ber months, but I haven't started anything yet. Thanks for sharing Sis,

  4. I love following Montessori on Mars! I follow her IG stories religiously. Very inspiring. I have also tried the Nestea Wintermelon milked tea and love it as well. :)

  5. Wow, I feel blessed to read this article. Suddenly, I got curious about Montessori on Mars. Count me in on your Instagram. See yah!


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