Montessori Inspired Shelves for 14 Months

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One of the things I love about the Montessori method is the use of shelves and baskets to display your child's toys. There are a lot of benefits to using shelves to display toys rather than putting everything in a bin for the child to dig in. 

Here are few benefits I love in using shelves to display my son's toys or Montessori materials. 

* It is a great way to keep the toys organized.
It's easy to see which toys your child mostly gravitate towards. 
* It helps parents decide which materials/toys should be on the shelves depending on your child's interest. 
* It is also easy to clean up because not too many toys are out at once. 
* It is a great way to demonstrate to your child how to clean up after themselves because everything has its own place on the shelves. 
* The child is less likely to get overwhelmed with a number of toys that he sees. He can easily choose what toys or materials he wants to work on at any given time. 

I wonder if I should post a what's on our Montessori inspired shelves every month on the blog because its contents change depending on Jarvis' interests. I already posted a photo of our shelves on my Instagram but in case we're not friends there (why not? we should be friends there I am @princessmayen on Instagram). Let me show you what's in Jarvis' shelves now that he is 14 months. 

Top shelf to bottom shelf from left to right. 

Wooden shape puzzle (circle)- This is a Montessori classroom material. You can see other materials we have on my previous post click here. To be honest, Jarvis is not into it. I know he knows how to solve it because I saw him work on it twice. But lately, I haven't seen him use it the way it's supposed to.  So I might put out the other shapes and see how he responds to them.

Wires and beads maze - This is an all-time favorite since he was 8.5 months.  It's still the first item he touches from the shelves every morning. If you follow us on Instagram you already know that he likes to challenge himself by adding difficulty to his beads manipulation. 

I was told by @diycorporatemom, a Montessori at home enthusiast that he's probably developing his stereognostic sense. The stereognostic sense is our ability to identify objects based on touch alone (without seeing them). It makes so much sense, so I tried to do a stereognostic sense exercise but he's not interested yet. Maybe there was something wrong on how I presented it. So I decided to do some more research and I'll try again. 

Textured Balls- Well, you know, toddlers like to throw things. Hence this basket is on the shelves to satisfy that toddler-throwing-need. Plus, these textured balls are great for sensory play.

Big chunky board book of animals- Jarvis is in a stage where he likes to carry big heavy stuff. Again I was told by @diycorporatemom over at Instagram that in Montessori, it is called maximum effort and Jarvis is definitely on that stage. He likes to carry the book around and he likes to scan the pages during his downtime. Thus that book is on the shelves for maximum effort and to familiarize himself to different animals.

Old miniature treasure chest and some boxes- For closing and opening activity and put and remove the lid activity. He likes doing that. I might try and find round boxes because I saw from other Montessori babies that round boxes are easier to manipulate. 

Some farm animals- He likes the cow and the pig. We also have a horse in there. There should also be a sheep but I think it ends up under the bed again. I wonder how?

Palmer grasp and pincer grip pegs- just some pegs to enhance his fine motor skills. These materials are also good exercises for hand-eye coordination. I also found out that they help a lot with writing in the future. 

Toy cars in three basic colors- Just a typical baby boy, he likes cars. We decided to get him toy cars because he loves to look at them when we go out. We got just the basic looking cars. We chose the ones that look like the real ones. I can also use the toy cars to introduce him to colors. 

DIY drop the egg materials - This is not on our shelves because it's still hard for Jarvis to pull out. Thus I placed it beside the shelves. Again, babies love to drop things and make some noise. Consequently, this activity satisfies that need. It also helps to develop his fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as object permanence. He loves to throw the eggs inside the can and chuckles when he hears the noise he created. Sometimes he will also take the eggs out from the can. 

I bought the wooden eggs online and I just used a milk can which I covered with white bond paper so that Jarvis will not be distracted with the prints in the can. In Montessori, it's called isolation of stimulus.

So there you have it, a mini-tour to our Montessori inspired shelves for 14 months. As you can see, it's not very hard to find materials if you want to do Montessori at home. You just have to be a little creative and resourceful.

Also, always remember that every child is different, so always follow the child. I need to constantly remind this to myself as well. It's easy to lost track and compares Jarvis to other Montessori babies his age I see on social media. I am still learning but I am so glad I started to do Montessori at home. It's a real lifesaver, especially to a first time mom like myself!

Have a great day! Thanks for being here.


  1. I'm sure others moms with toddlers would appreciate to know what are the items in your Montessori inspired shelves every month or when Jarvis' learning needs change. I wish I had known about this too when my kids were still little.

  2. We have shelves at home but I can't say their Montessori inspired. I would love to have one but can't find the space for it in our living room. Maybe what we need to do first is declutter so that we can rearrange things as well.

  3. With Nate's toys, we have a few displayed on the tray but many are also in a big basket. Kudos to you, sis, for doing this. Ang cute ni Jarvis dun sa pic na natakpan ng basket mukha nya! lol.

  4. Thank you for tour Sis, love the Montessori inspired shelves, I need to organize my son's room soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like your book shelves sis. Pwede din yan sa room ng little boy namin once he decided to move out our bed room hehe.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. This is a good idea and I would love to try this when I have my own child in the future.


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