Major Decluttering and New Montessori Inspired Space for 15 Months

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In our home, we have a small terrace (patio/veranda). It was meant to be a small entryway to the house. However, we have another door on the other side of the house that became the main door. As a result, we barely used our terrace, so, over time, it became a stock room for random things.

One day, I just realized that random things are piling up in our small terrace. It became an extension of our storage closet. It became an eyesore! As Jarvis becomes more mobile, he slowly discovering that little area in our house. He constantly shows interest that he wants to go there. Of course, we have to make it safe for him. Thus, I decided to start decluttering that space along with our closet storage which also getting out of hand at that point. 

I simultaneously decluttered our storage closet and terrace. I did everything single-handedly friends! Well, except for the person we hired to install shelves in our storage closet. My husband works graveyard and sometimes he only gets one day off. So I don't want to bother him thus I worked alone while my sister watched Jarvis. I think it's a good thing that my husband was sleeping during the process because if he saw the things I threw away he will probably try to salvage some of them. Men in my family are having a hard time letting go of things. I am not sure if this applies to most men. What do you think?

Anyway, I spent half my day sorting, cleaning and rearranging things. There were so many storage boxes to carry, walls to scrub and layers and layers of dust to eliminate but I survived. One decluttering tip before we move forward, I find it very helpful to have 3 boxes or trash bags ready when decluttering:

1. For items to clean - you still need them but they need to be deep cleaned. 

2. For items that you can sell- Our family holds an annual garage sale. It's a great way to turn the things that we don't use but still in good condition, into cash. This year, we got a good amount of money from our garage sale.

3. For items you want to throw away- Items that are useless and don't spark joy anymore (Konmari tip)

It was indeed a tiring afternoon for me but the outcome was so worth it!

I turn this....
I know, this is embarrassing but I got to do it for the blog. This will also help you appreciate how much work I've done. 

Into this....

I transferred my old shelf here that used to house our toiletries which I already put inside the closet. I shared few simple organizing hacks on my previous post. You can check them out here if you haven't already. 

My now 15-month-old have a new space to explore.  This is Jarvis' little  "dirty area". You know, just like a dirty kitchen where we do things that create a lot of mess. Only this one is meant for a 15-month -old. Here are the things I am planning to do in this area in the days to come.

1. I am planning to put a plant/s here that he can water every day or when he feels like it. 

2. Install a small sink for him and his own source of water. 

3. Incorporate art related items in this area. He can get down and dirty here with his chosen art materials in the future.

4. Perhaps a small bin for additional sensory play.

5. A place for his cleaning tools. He is obsessed in sweeping the floor.

Seems like a lot of things in a small space? I think it's doable. I just have to give a lot of thought on how I should place things so this area will not look cluttered. Maintaining an orderly and beautiful space are important to Montessori and for the child of course. Besides, this is the only space we can give him for those sort of things, so it's imperative that we maximize the use of the space. 

In addition to the new Montessori inspired space, we also set-up his weaning table. We are kind of late on our weaning table game. Jarvis is so used to his high chair by now. So technically we don't use his weaning table as much. 

Weaning chair - Montessori on Mars Store
Weaning Table (IKEA, LACK side table in white. Legs were shortened to 12 inches)- Furniture Source Philippines
Rug - H&M
Tray - Fairview Terraces 

In the meantime, we are using it to display his water bottle and some snacks. Jarvis was not very good at drinking water before but when I started giving him access to his own water bottle he learns to initiate drinking them. Now we don't have a problem making him drink his water. If we are going to follow Montessori method, Jarvis should have access to a pitcher and a glass where he can pour his drinking water, however, he is not ready for that. We are working on it though. 

We are not leaving the house when this photo was taken, he just insisted on wearing his shoes. 

He also has access to his own snacks. I know that Oreo is not very healthy but he likes it. Don't judge me. We make him eat fruits and veggies all the time though. He likes banana, grapes, melon, and dragon fruit. 

That would be all for today. I hope you enjoy this little tour of Jarvis' space. I will definitely update you if we made some major changes.  Thanks for being here! Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. We're moving sa province next year so I am also planning to do a garrage sale before the big day. I'm planning to sell here in the neighborhood and also online. Although we're planning to go back here 2 or 3 years from now, we still need to let go of a lot of things kasi walang mapag iwanan. Congrats sa na accomplish mo! hehe.

    1. Good luck on your garage sale sis. I hope you'll sell a lot of items.

  2. Wow, that was a lot of work sis! Great job. :D Ang linis na ng dirty area ni Jarvis. Ang ganda ng plan mo for the space! Excited na ako makita yung mga new addition mo sa space na yan. It's amazing how you keep your home clean. Ganyan na ata if mommy na. Lol. Nagsimula na din kmi mag linis2 ang buy new things for the house. Iba na tlga if you are expecting. :)

    1. It's not always clean sis. It's hard when you have a toddler. But ironically, it's cleaner now that we have a toddler. Mas organized pati. Hehe.. Good luck on your paglilinis. Iba na nga talaga kapag may baby na.

  3. Great decluttering there! Thank you for sharing about this Montessori weaning table and chair. #Learningsomethingnew

  4. Your house looks so clean and tidy. I seriously need to declutter all spaces in our house. Trying to do that in the last few days.

  5. As always, I love your DIY montessori. Just these holidays, I have sorted Matthew's toys. Ang dami pala and most are sira na, hehe. We still have a lot of decluttering to do maybe after my husband finished repainting our room.


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