Mommy Hack: How I Hide My Smartphone from My Smart Toddler

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I have a little secret. I have a special book. It's one of my favorite DIY items I made lately. I also find it very useful especially if I don't want my one-year-old son to see me use my smartphone constantly.  If your toddler is like mine who gets distracted when he sees me use my phone, then you should definitely read this post. Because today, I am going to share with you how I hide my smartphone to my smart toddler.

During the day, I usually watch Jarvis work (work is to play in Montessori, and we do Montessori at home. If you want to know more about that click here). I try to observe what he is up to or what his interests are so I can best prepare the environment for him. However, there are times when he is really engrossed in an activity that I can relax and do other things. 

Oftentimes, I use that opportunity to check my phone for messages, my social media or if I think I have enough time, I read ebooks or blogs. I pretty much do a lot of things with my smartphone nowadays. I use it to pay some of our bills and shop online. However, every time I touch my phone, Jarvis gets distracted and wants to touch it as well. He likes to scroll his cute little fingers on it. Sometimes,  I give in and allows him to touch my phone just so he can explore it. But I don't want him to get used to it. In addition, I don't like that he is abandoning his work just so he can touch my phone.

Normally, I try not to use my phone when he is awake. But there are instances when he is really busy with what's he's doing that I know I can sneak in a few minutes of phone use. So, I thought of ways on how I can use my phone without distracting Jarvis when he is working. I tried covering my phone with a pillow but he still gets curious what my hands are doing behind the pillow. Thus. he will come to me and investigate. Oh, toddlers... always curious.

Then, finally, this simple DIY came to mind. Alleluia! It's a little bit funny that I resort to this. Can you blame me? Especially if this one works to hide my smartphone from my smart toddler?

I'm sure some of you already saw this DIY somewhere. Some people use it for a different purpose. They use it to stash their valuables that they want to hide. Then they put the book back to their shelves to blend in. 

But I like to use this special book as a secret compartment for my smartphone when my toddler is preoccupied. Jarvis will just think  that I am reading a book. Which is awesome because I want him to think that I love to read books which is also true by the way.

This little hack is even more useful now that I don't usually buy an actual book anymore. I prefer ebooks for accessibility and price. So by using my special book, I can still show Jarvis that I am reading an actual book. He doesn't understand the concept of ebooks yet. Therefore, this is better than showing him I am constantly scrolling my phone, as if playing or just scrolling aimlessly like what he usually does when he's holding my phone, when in fact I am actually reading. Get it?

Sometimes, he still comes to me and wants to investigate my special book but I will just gently close it, put it out of his reach and distract him by playing with him or by talking to him. But most of the time, he lets me read my special book while he goes about his business.

When the special book is not in use I just leave it where he can reach it and allows him to explore it if he wants to. This way, he will not be overly curious about this mystery book.  I am pretty sure he will discover my secret in the future but I will use this little trick for as long as I can get away with it. *insert 2 wink emojis here*

This DIY special book is pretty self-explanatory but in case you need help making one. I will share with you how I made mine. 

Here are the things I used for this DIY
1. I used an old book that I know I will never read ever again. 

2. I traced my phone on the page where I want to start cutting.

3. I used a cutter to cut the pages of the book using what I traced as a guide. 

4. I stopped cutting when I was satisfied with the depth of my phone compartment. I stuck my phone inside the compartment from time to time to measure the depth that I want. 

5. Normally, for this DIY one should brush glue on the outer edges of the book to bind the pages together but your mama here ain't no time for that. So I just used a scotch tape to secure the pages.  I made sure to secure all the sides that needed it.

Viola! I have my special book ready!  What do you think of this DIY? What do you do to prevent your baby from touching your phone? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. I have seen this DIY before but have not made any. It's a good place for hiding important things in plain sight on the bookshelf.

  2. Ohhh, this is a great idea sis! :) I'm back to blogging again. Inspired by your blog and other parenting blogs. hihi.

  3. Thank you for this Sis, I will forward this post to my friend. She's having issue with her toddler getting into her phone. Pretty cool idea!

  4. Ha! This is a smart idea! Ang galing! I never thought of doing this when Nate was younger. lol.


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