Mommy Hacks: Home Organizational Hacks to Save Space

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I've got a lot of good feedback from my last mommy hack post. So I decided to share some more hacks with you today. This time, I want to share some home organizational hacks to save space which I learned since I became a mom. So basically, that's a total of 15 months of work experience as a mom. 

Not a lot of time but I learned a ton. I turned from a slob into this slightly organize mom. I'm pretty sure those people who've known me for such a long time will not believe I am actually talking about organizing on my blog! Well, that's what parenting can do to you! 

I wish my husband "turned" with me tho. He is such a good man, a reliable husband, and a father but being organized is not his strong suit. I am trying to get him on board tho, along with my 15-month-old son. How fun right?  

Anyway, as you may probably read a hundred times here on my blog, we have a small space and an arm's length storage closet. Therefore, we really have to be resourceful in creating a space to accommodate the new addition to our family. Funny how such a little human needs so much stuff and space! 

Good thing, I've learned some really cheap and effective home organizational hacks to save space to better accommodate our little human. These are just simple things we do to keep things neat around the house, save space and make certain stuff accessible to adults but sort of invisible to the little human. 

You probably know some of these home organizational hacks to save space but I still want to share them just in case some of you need a little inspiration to start organizing.

Hack number 1: Declutter as often as possible

Okay, I know this is not actually a hack or maybe it is. But I think all organization should start by decluttering. I declutter every year but I always focused on clothes. This year, I decluttered hardcore. I declutter some of my shoes, bags, kitchen stuff and other home accessories. I let go of so many things that I hold on to for so many years but don't actually use and guess what? I feel so much better after. Especially when I realized how much free space we got all over the house after the decluttering. I literally feel lighter. I will share one major decluttering project I did in the future. 

Hack number 2: Use the Konmari folding technique to get a lot of extra storage/closet space. 

I found out about Konmari from my favorite mama on Instagram. I haven't read the book about it yet but it's in my line-up of books to read. Basically, I learned all my Konmari know-how from reading blogs and watching Youtube videos and they were already very helpful. 

One of my favorites so far is learning the Konmari folding techniques. This post is very helpful if you want to find out more about it. So now I am folding Jarvis' and my clothes that way. My husband's clothes are quite hard to manage yet. He gets disoriented if his things are too organized and he's having a hard time maintaining it.

But I will try and help him bring out the organized person in him. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I will focus my energy on keeping my son's and my clothing organized. 

By just applying these folding techniques we already made so much space for other things. I actually created a big section in my closet to keep some of the stuff that we use daily but we don't want Jarvis to have access to.

Hack number 3: Use hanging underwear organizer to store toiletries in the closet.

I saw this home organizational hacks to save space from Pinterest and I thought it'll be perfect for us. We used to put our toiletries in plastic baskets in my old shelves but Jarvis can reach them already so I decided to just hang them in the closet. I like it better this way because I can easily see what I need and it really saves so much space. Plus we were able to use the old shelves in Jarvis new play area in the house. I am going to share that transformation in the future. If you love decluttering and organizing, you will love that. 

I need to find a nice quality hanging organizer tho. What we are using is not sturdy enough. Any recommendations where I can buy a similar item with better quality?

Hack number 4:  Put several plastic drawers in the closet for different articles of clothing. 

I have separate drawers for shirts, tank tops, shorts and Pj bottoms. I purged so many clothes I wear at home (pambahay clothes) so that I can fit the remaining in their respective drawers.  This made my life so much easier. I can easily choose and get the clothes I want to wear. Unlike before that, I need to rummage through piles of clothing just to get what I need. I also discovered that I like folding clothes. It relaxes me. 

Another advantage of having these drawers in my closet is that I can put other stuff on top of them. As you can see, we maximized the space by putting our laptops on top of the drawers, some shorts that I use on a daily basis and some boxes of my son's toys.   

We don't have work table anymore, that was one thing I gave up to give Jarvis more space.  We just use our bedside or dining table when we need to use our laptops. 

Hack Number 5: Use small recycled paper trash bin instead of the big ones.

When we created a space for Jarvis to play inside our room (read our room transformation on this post and this post), we also removed our paper trash bin.

Over time, it became difficult for me and the husband to throw our small trash like cotton buds, receipts, candy wrapper from my husband's pockets etc.  to designated trash cans in the house. Sometimes they accumulate on top of my son's dresser, the only surface inside our room where we can put random stuff like remotes, our mobile phones, charger etc. that Jarvis cannot reach.

So I decided to recycle a Pic-Nik can and use it as a small trash bin. I Just made it a couple of days ago. So far it does the job so I thought it would be nice to share this little hack too.

Hack number 6: Put baby's toys and books in baskets.

Since we do Montessori at home putting Jarvis' toys in baskets and shelves are already second nature. But if you are not sold on Montessori method, it still a great practice to put your babies toys in baskets for organizational purposes. Believe me when I say that it makes a lot of difference in the house. Before Jarvis came along, I thought our house is going to be a giant toy bin. 

Fortunately, that is not the case now. I am not saying that it never gets messy around here. It does! However, it's really easy to clean up when you know everything has its own place. It is also a great opportunity to model to my baby how to clean up his mess. 

There are still areas in our home that needs to be tackled. I wish I have more time and resources. So far I am enjoying organizing our home. And surprisingly, I also enjoy maintaining it. Motherhood or parenting really changes you and you can't even help it! I love that I discovered this side of myself.

Let me know if you have any epic home organizational hacks to save space. I'd love to know therm. Thanks for being here!


  1. Love your tips, sis! I'm sure I'm going to need them soon!! :) We're already starting to prep the house for the little one. And I'm excited na! Will surely get back to this post soon.

  2. I have been watching about the Konmari method this week. It's interesting. I have to admit that organizing is a problem for us because we have a lot of stuff. So tama ka na the first step is declutter, as in throw or give away things we do not need.

    1. It's hard to declutter it's really time consuming esp if you have a lot of stuff but it's worth it!


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