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When it comes to choosing products for our baby, there are three major things I always consider. First, is it affordable, second, is it gentle on the skin and third, is it environmentally friendly? If a certain product has those three components then it is most likely the product that we will use for Jarvis. 

Those are precisely the reasons we chose to use cloth diapers majority of the time instead of the disposable ones. I found out that it takes 200-250 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. That was a very long time! I am so glad we have great quality and affordable cloth diapers now.

Aside from reducing the use of disposable diapers, we also try to reduce the use of baby wipes. When Jarvis was younger, we use cotton and washcloths to wash him as often as we can. Eventually, Jarvis started to put his fingers in his mouth. So I searched for baby wipes that have antibacterial properties. Not to replace washing his hands but just something that we can use to wipe his hands that is safe for him and would at least lessen the germs. 

Anyway, babies need germs to strengthen their immune system but of course, I still don't want to expose him to too many germs. Unfortunately, I never found any baby wipes that is environmentally friendly and has antibacterial properties at the same time, at least not over the counter. 

So when I found out about Bcare Bamboo Baby Wipes from another favorite mama on Instagram. I immediately placed an order so we can try it. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. As a result, I decided to write my own review about it and share this information to all mamas out there who read my blog. 

Here's what I like about Bcare Bamboo Baby Wipes. 

Biodegradable - @mama_the_explorer on Instagram made an experiment to find out if their claim was true. They put a single wipe under the ground then try to dig it out after 21 days. They found no traces of the said wipe, it literally disappears from the face of the earth after 21 days! That's really awesome, right? Anything that is friendly to the environment is A-okay to us. 

Natural antibacterial properties- This is another selling point for me. Like I mentioned above, I really want antibacterial wipes that we can use when we don't have access to water and soap. It freaks me out if I cannot wipe my son's hands when we are out and about. I heard those regular wipes are not safe to wipe baby's hands. 

Wipes are made of 100% natural bamboo fiber.

To save me some time, (busy mom here) I inserted an Instagram entry here from @bcarebamboowipes  which talks about why natural bamboo fiber wipes are better than the commercial wipes.   

The wipe is durable yet soft- It is gentle on the skin but durable enough that you can soak it with water and it will not break easily. One time when my son poop at the mall, I had to change him in the public toilet. You know how crazy we Filipinos about washing our behind with water after pooping right? I'm the same with my son. I need to wash him with water even if we are in a public toilet. So I took a fresh wipe and wet it to the sink and wipe it to my son. I just need that extra wetness. The wipe didn't break and did the job well! I was a happy mama!

Value for money- Almost the same price as the usual wipes we used to buy over the counter.

Comes in three different sizes (10 sheets, 30 sheets, and 80 sheets). I like that they have a variety of sizes, depending on the number of sheets. It is great that they have the 30 sheets version because I don't want to bring a lot when we go out. So instead of bringing the full 80 sheets baby wipes, I only bring the 30 sheets especially if I know that we are not going to be out for a long time.

Can also use to remove makeup- Bcare Baby Wipes are great as a makeup remover. I've tried it and l liked it. It also has a moisturizing property which is always a good thing for a make up remover. Therefore, Bcare Baby Wipes are not only for babies but for moms too. 

Here are other good things about the product...

The Downside of the Product...

The only downside to this product is that it is not available over the counter. I know some mommies are not comfortable to shop online. However, based on my experience, it is easy to transact with them. They try to ship the item the day you made a payment. The longest I've waited for my delivery was 1 day. Yes! They make sure to deliver your product immediately. 

(Prices may change depending on the seller, so always ask them for the price)

10 sheets- 19.50
30 sheets- 36.50
80 sheets- 85.50

In case you are wondering, this is not sponsored. Hehe... I just want to share how nice this product is. Maybe you are one of those moms who is also looking for good baby wipes, an alternative to those commercial ones in the grocery stores that are not that friendly to the environment and do not have the antibacterial property. I hope you find this post helpful. What do you think of this product so far?

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  1. OH, these are actually cheaper than the brand I use for Nate! This is interesting, I should check this out.

  2. I'm not sure if I've seen this brand of baby wipes. I still buy some wipes for my kids' use when we go out. It is better if the products we use are biodegradable or environment-friendly.

  3. Ohh, will check this out. I'm also wondering if what types of diaper to use. Grabe 200 years pa bago ma dispose?! Nakaka konsensiya. Cge, will research more about cloth diapers. Lol, di ko ma imagine kung pano siya linisan ng mabuti. Baka may post ka sis about diapers. hehe.


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