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If you are not already aware, H&M Online Shop just opened recently and they now deliver to the Philippines and other selected Asian countries! I got notified via email about the launch of the H&M Online Shop because I signed up for their newsletter. I stumbled upon their site before the launch because I was looking for their advent calendar. I saw that if I sign up for the newsletter they will give you 20% discount plus free shipping as soon as they launch their online shop. I thought that's a good offer so I signed up. I was hoping to get their advent calendar when they opened. Unfortunately, they do not offer H&M home in their online shop yet! What a bomber!

When they finally launched H&M Online Shop in late October this year (2017), I browsed the site as soon as I read their email notification about the launch, together with my 20% discount and free delivery code. I ended up buying two things only. But I guess my experience using the site was enough for me to write an H&M Online Shop Review. 

I bought a shirt and joggers for Jarvis. I love to shop clothes for Jarvis at H&M (physical store) because my husband and I like their style. Their baby clothes are also budget-friendly and comfortable to wear. To be honest, we are the type of parents who don't buy a lot of clothes for our baby. We prefer to spend our money on some meaningful Montessori inspired materials/toys or child size materials for Jarvis

Side note: I thought I'll never enjoy shopping for a baby boy because I am such a girly girl but I was wrong. Baby boy is fun to dress up too. Also, my husband and I are the kinds of parents who like to dress Jarvis like he's a grown-up. We like shirts and pants that are mini versions of what a grown-up man will wear. But we make sure that he's comfortable and we still try to give him choices. It's safe to say that we are enjoying dressing him the way we want while it lasts because there will come a time when he will be old enough to really choose his own clothes. By then, we will give him the freedom to choose his own clothes as long as it's appropriate. 

Now going back to my H&M Online Shop Review before we get sidetracked.

Here are the things I like about the site.

Items were well packaged and in good condition- The product arrived exactly 10 working days from the time I ordered. They came in an H&M delivery bag and both items were in their separate plastics bags.  

The site is easy to navigate- Especially in the kid section because they break down the categories by age in months and gender. Actually, this is one advantage of shopping to their online shop, you don't have to walk around aimlessly to find what you are looking for. Online, you just have to click what section you want to go to and viola, you will be presented with a wide variety of choices. I know some people enjoy browsing at the physical store but I am not one of those. If I can buy everything I need online, I'll be all for it! 

Great selection of clothes for babies/toddlers/kids- I am a big fan of old school rock bands and my eyes bulged when I saw that they have shirts with my favorite rock bands for 1 yr old! I would've bought the Metallica shirt (my all time favorite rock band) too but I think the skull design was a little too much for a toddler. So I just ended up buying the Nirvana shirt. All and all I like the kid section of the site. They offer a great selection of designs from top to bottom. 

As you can see I used my phone to shop. I pretty much do a lot of things on my phone lately. I have a nice hack to hide my phone from my toddler so he will not get distracted when I use my phone while he's playing. 

I also browsed the ladies section and found a great selection of clothes. However, I decided not to buy something for myself because with my current curvy body and breastfeeding boobs (yah know what I mean), it's kind of hard to buy clothes I cannot try on first and I don't want to go through the hassle of returning stuff if I ended up not liking them. 

Easy to pay - Well, I think pretty much all online site has the easy to pay option. It's a must. I paid using my credit card and I had the option not to save my cc information. You can only pay using a credit card.


Delivery fee is a little expensive. They will charge Php 249 delivery fee for minimum orders. I don't know if that's not pricey for you, but it is for me. If you shop online locally you only pay around Php 60 - Php 100 for shipping. The products that they sell on the site will be coming from the UK. I guess that's why the delivery fee is a bit expensive. Good thing I didn't pay for it for my first order.

No H&M Home- It would've been amazing if they have H&M Home in their online shop. I love that section in their physical store in SM North Edsa and UP Town Center. 

Long wait for delivery- It takes 7 to 10 business days to deliver. Would've been nice if they can deliver within 5 days or much earlier. Impatient mom here!

Over-all I recommend shopping on their site especially if you know your size or your children's sizes at H&M. Some of the clothes I bought for Jarvis from their physical shop are also available online.  However, I saw some items online (for women and children) that are not available in the H&M store near us. 

That's all for my H&M online shop review! Have a great weekend! Thanks for being here!


  1. I love H&M clothes, especially the kids section. But I didn't know they have an online store already. It's just too bad the shipping cost is pricey and the wait time for the delivery is long. I hope they find a way to get the products from the stores here instead so that costs and wait times will decrease.

    1. I totally agree sis! I really wish they can deliver fast.

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