How We Use Falshcards in a Montessori Environment + Free Printable

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As you may already know, I display flashcards on Jarvis' shelves, both in his little space in our room and in his indoor-outdoor area (formerly called dirty area hehe...)

Previously, I used flashcards to introduce new things to him because I saw other mommies on Instagram use flashcards as well. I copied what they were doing without really understanding what its purpose should be.  Well, my aim then was to broaden his vocabularies, thinking that it will help him with language. But as I continue to educate myself about Montessori, I learned that it's better to show the child the real thing first (as much as possible) before pictures or miniature object. I totally get the point. Children learn best through experiences.  

In reality, however, we really cannot always present the real thing to the child before pictures or miniature things, especially, animals. Jarvis is taking an interest in his jungle animal book recently. He often asks me to read that book to him.

He also takes some interest in his miniature jungle animals. So I let him explore his miniature animals. He used to love his farm animals as well. To support his interest, I decided to make our own flashcards of animals and some other things that he might take his interest later on. We can also use these flashcards when Jarvis is ready for object-picture matching activities. 

Recently, I displayed miniature dog and it's flashcard. Jarvis likes dogs and now he seems to make the connection. He will look at the picture with interest, hold the miniature animal and smile. He even tried to do the hand gesture when calling dogs and sometimes he even says "choo-choo." He learns the "choo-choo" and hand gesture from his dad.  They love to play with our neighbor's dog. 

What I am trying to point out here is that the use of flashcards for toddlers work best if they have already seen or explored the object in real life. 

I like to make our own printable flashcards because I cannot seem to find where to buy flashcards with realistic images in the Philippines. I also don't go out that much and truthfully, I just like to personalize things.

I tried to look for realistic and almost the same images as our miniature counterpart. I want to make it easier for Jarvis to make the connection. And since I just have them on file, I think it would be nice to share them on my blog in case you are interested. 

Just click the word DOWNLOAD below the image and it will take you to the page where you can download the file.  No sign-in required. Please note that I made these flashcards based on the miniature animals that we have. 

Disclaimer: I did not own the copyright of the images on the flashcards. I found the images via Google search and copied them. These printable flashcards are for personal use only and not for sale. Enjoy!

Also, please note that I will add more printables in the future. To be updated make sure that you follow me on my social media. I am @princessmayen on Twitter and Instagram and you may find Mayens Corner page on FB! 

That would be all for now. Thanks for being here. 


  1. Ay this is so nice! I don't really know much about Montessori but the use of flashcards is really helpful as a reinforcement to the kid's experience of the real thing. You're doing well, mommy!

  2. Flashcards are super helpful. We have lots of those, bigay lang samin ng church friend. It's one of the reasons why Nate learned to read early.

  3. I'm learning new mommy things when I read your posts, sis! :) Makes me more excited to officially become a mom. Hehe. Jarvis is so lucky to have you as his mom. I like your approach of igniting his interest. Since animals hilig niya, dun ka din nag fo-focus. Youre letting Jarvis take the lead! :) Great job, sis.

    And thanks for the printable. I may need them na soon. hehe.

  4. I did not use flashcards with my kids until I was homeschooling them and teaching them to read and count (about 4 years old). But we have many picture books and that's basically how they learned about different animals/things first. Of course, they also see them on TV - Barney, Baby Einstein and other shows for kids. The Montessori way of learning is still quite interesting.

  5. I bought posters naman when I am teaching my son. I used ABC flashcards too. It's very helpful and mas madaling matandaan ng mga bata. You are so matiyaga sis.


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