Jarvis Update and Why We Almost Gave Up on Montessori at Home

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Jarvis is all over the place lately. Now at 16 months he likes to do a lot of physical activities. When I say physical activities, I mean physical! Climbing, tumbling in bed, going up and down the bed, going up and down the sofa, the coffee table and power walking whenever, wherever, even when he's pooping. If you are a veteran mom, you'll probably say, oh he is just being a toddler.  Yes! He is! In Montessori, they call it reaching the maximum effort or developing their gross motor skills. Apparently, this is important to their development.

But what's amazing is that he is very careful and calculating of his movements. When I think he will not make it down on his own, he will prove me wrong.  I am a calm mom. I don't get nervous easily especially when Jarvis is doing some of his physical stunts. I just usually watch him and position myself near enough so I can catch him or help him if he needs it. I let him do things on his own as much as he can. It makes me proud when he accomplishes a physical challenge on his own. I also love to watch him realized what he just did and smiled with pride. 

However, there were still times when I feel a little down because he won't keep still and work on his new Montessori puzzles or other, I think, "interesting work" for him. I guess I am just excited for him to use his new puzzles because I thought all babies like them.

I admit, there are so many things I still need to learn about Montessori. I still need to enhance my observation skills and practice interpreting Jarvis' cues. I need to be even more creative and thoughtful of what activities/work I should prepare for him. It is exhausting, to tell you the truth. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to research and prepare work for Jarvis. However, I really can't help but feel down whenever he ignores or worse throws the things I prepared for him on the floor. 
It's kind of hard sometimes, especially if I see other babies almost the same age as Jarvis' happily concentrating on work their mama prepared for them. There was even a time when I felt that perhaps Montessori at home isn't for Jarvis because he won't concentrate on some Montessori materials that we have. Even if I think, based on my observation, that it is the activity he wants/needs. I think I am "following the child". 

The only thing that can make him stop and concentrate for a while is his wires and beads maze. He's obsessed with it since the day it was given to him.  

Thankfully, there are a lot of Montessori mamas on Instagram who keep reminding us to just chill and let our child be. 

"Follow the child", they say. 

"We don't train them but we help them when they're ready. "

I really need that constant reminder that every child is different and that it's normal for Jarvis to want to explore and do things that require maximum effort instead of just sitting down and figuring out his shape puzzles. 

I am grateful for Montessori because she made me understand why Jarvis does what he does otherwise, I will just think that he is being malikot like most people think of babies who constantly move and want to explore, so they try to restrict them by putting them to cribs or playpen. I used to think that way before. But now I have a new understanding of things. It's not easy to look after such an active baby but to look after them with a deeper understanding of why they are doing what they do, helps a lot. 

"At this age, just toys, especially light toys, do not satisfy the child. He can do nothing with them"- Maria Montessori (Montessori from the Start)

What the child needs at this age (15 months or so..) is to do things with maximum effort. In the preceding phase, the child's goal was to exercise his hands and master his body. - Montessori from the Start

"We cannot underestimate the need to exert maximum effort for toddlers. They are working so hard to develop all their muscles that they often can't stop. Their inner drive to move just overpowers them"- The Kavanaugh Report

Seems like there are going to be a lot of physical activities around here. Lately, he even shows interest in helping me or anybody sweeps the floor. Good thing, he already has a child size broom. But I think it's getting too small for him. 
I am also grateful that he still likes books. He loves our story time and there are some books that he likes me to read to him, several times a day. We still get some downtime in our day.  Other than that he is up and about. Also, we are down to just one long nap in a day. Awww!! 

I am still researching for ways on how best to channel his energy into more purposeful activities that would also fit our lifestyle. If you have any suggestions let me know. 

That would be all for today. Thanks for being here.


  1. You're doing a great job, sis, just keep going. I haven't done Montessori kay Nate kaya I appreciate what you're doing with Jarvis. Kaya mo 'yan! ♥ And btw, ang pilyo ng smile nya dun sa taas, haha. Cute cute!

    1. Hehe... Thanks sis. I'm sure Nate is doing well too even if you did not follow the Montessori method. You are great mom too!

  2. Great job as always, Mommy Mayen! I'm learning so much from your posts. No wonder Jarvis loves reading because you also do. I like his books sa basket and ang cute2 ng curly hair niya!

    1. Thanks sis. We have several book baskets around the house. Hehe...

  3. Aw! Jarvis is so cute and very active. Kaya chill lang sis, he's in his own phase because he's learning to be independent. I am so inspired with your Montessori at home e. Sana I can try it too in the future.

    1. Thank you sis. Sana mag baby ka ulit! Thank you also for your encouragement.

  4. I remember I was interested in Montessori learning when I had my babies/toddlers. But I don't know -- I just didn't push through with it. Maybe because I suddenly had 3 children in just 4 years. But you're doing great with Jarvis. Just keep it up.

  5. I feel you! My youngest is going to be 14 months old already this week and he is just a bundle of energy. He's the most active of my four kids and it can get really exhausting! And he's not even walking on his own yet. But I always tell myself, this too shall pass and very soon too so I try to just enjoy this time in his life. Keep doing what you're doing!

    1. I also tell that to myself sis. I know someday I will miss this stage of his childhood.


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