Christmas Themed Shelves for a Toddler

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Since I learned about Montessori at home and how some parents prepare themed shelves for their little ones, I get really excited to prepare a Christmas themed shelves for Jarvis. I tried looking up inspirations as early as November. There were, of course, a lot of inspirations but in the end, I just gathered the things that we already have, bought a few things and put them together to come up with a Christmas themed shelves for my son. 

I  want Jarvis to feel the Christmas spirit too and more importantly, we want him to feel that he is part of this big celebration. 

This is what his Christmas themed shelves look like.

As you can see it is very simple. I also did not put a lot of Christmas related activities/work because my son still enjoys moving around. He's into playing and chasing his balls from his other shelf. But he shows interests on some of the Christmas decors we put up in the house so I included few on his shelf for exploration. Our battery operated twinkly lights is still in the mail. I have yet to add them to the shelves. 

Christmas Art- I've been trying to find a printable Christmas artwork on the internet but I cannot find anything. One day, I was decluttering a drawer when I saw my 2015 Daykeeper Journal/Planner and I remembered it has a lot of great pictures. I scanned it to see if it has anything I can use and it has! This photo looks like Christmas to me with all that greens, white mountain and clouds. 

Christmas Treasure Basket - I just put together some things that he can easily explore that are Christmas related. I scrubbed off the glitters in one of my snowflakes ornament. Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices.  The other things in the baskets are Christmas balls, real pinecones, Christmas stocking and a gift.

Christmas Book- It is really hard to find Montessori-friendly Christmas books in our country. I can't help but feel jealous of other moms outside the country or those who can afford to outsource their children's book. I've spent literally hours searching the web for good Christmas books. I wish I can also go from books store/sale to books store/sale. But I do not have the time for that. Thus I ended up buying what I can find. A book that talks about Santa and his deer and another about St. Nicolas (the other book is in our room where he has another shelf). I just cannot let this season pass without reading Christmas books to Jarvis. 

My husband and I agreed to tell Jarvis the truth about Santa. We will just tell the story of Santa Claus, and tell him that it's just a myth. He has a Christmas stocking which will be filled with gifts by his parents and he will be informed about that.  

Hang the Christmas stockings activity. Jarvis loves to play with his large Christmas stocking so I bought him miniature ones that he can also hang on his shelves. I put little command hooks on his shelf and demonstrated how to hang the mini stockings.  He hasn't tried hanging them on his own yet but the stockings are going to be right there ready to be hanged when he's up for it. 

That's our Christmas themed shelves for a toddler! I hope you found some inspiration for your little ones as well! Thanks for being here.

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  1. Nice idea once again. :) I haven't had time to really decorate the house for Christmas. Our Christmas tree has been up since last year. Haha! My son is showing interest in the tree though but I can't let him touch it because the ornaments have a lot of glitter. Might need to change decor next year.


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