First Airbnb Experience and Review of Rental Condo Unit in Tagaytay City

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During the ASEAN long weekend, my side of the family decided to have a weekend getaway in Tagaytay. We rented a condo thru Airbnb. This was actually the first time that we tried to rent a place via Airbnb. So far we had a pleasant experience. I shared how I pack for my son on this overnight weekend getaway on my previous post

My eldest sister's family stayed in a different unit and tower. 

My other sister was the one who found the place via Airbnb but I was the one who booked it. It was located on the 19th floor (out of 24) of Tower 1 in SM Wind Residence in Tagaytay City. The condo can actually accommodate more than 10 adults plus children. However, they only limit the head counts to 10 adults. We were a total of 9 adults, 1 child, and 2 babies. 

The condo has 3 bunk beds. Each bunk bed can accommodate 5 people. They have 1 bathroom/toilet, 2 flat screen TVs. The balcony has the view of Taal. It is also air-conditioned and they have a reliable wifi connection. 

What we really like about staying here was that they have everything that we need in a house. They have utensils, cookware, dining ware etc. You can cook if you prefer. We ended up just eating out because everybody just wants to relax and not do the cooking. They also have towels and their blankets were really nice, soft and comfortable. 

At first, I thought it is going to be crowded and tight for all 12 of us but it's actually spacious enough that my son enjoyed moving around. I have a mover toddler. So if we can get a place where he can practice his gross motor skill then that's super fine with us! We paid Php 7,312.82 for an overnight stay but prices vary depending on the season.

The location is also very strategic. It's near Skyranch and several establishments like Starbucks, Gerry's Grill, 7-11 to name a few. 

Guests were welcome to enjoy their clubhouse and grounds. They have swimming pools but guests will need to pay around Php 150 to avail this amenity. They have a basketball court and a little playground for the kids. My husband, son and I enjoyed a morning walk. My son loves the parking lot though. He really enjoys looking at cars.  

The only not so good thing I could say is that the hosts did not reply promptly to our text messages. I ended up calling her just so I can get an acknowledgment that she received my texts. I understand that it was a busy weekend as a lot of people decided to escape the Metro because of the long weekend. But she should've managed her time well to make sure she communicates well with her guests.

Over-all we enjoyed our stay and was satisfied with the place. They have everything they mentioned in their ad. We highly recommend this place. It's a great place to stay with family and friends. 

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  1. Pet peeves ko yang hindi sumasagot sa inquiry. Okay lang kung nadelayed lang ng konti pero yung iba, days na hindi pa sumasagot. Waah! The place looks nice naman, yun lang may bayad pool.

  2. That overlooking of Taal lake is very nice and relaxing! I also love their pool kahit may bayad pero sulit naman. My son Zd like your son he loves also cars at minsan ang iingay pa pag makakita lang sya ng cars lalo na pag nasa highway kami hehe! Pero mukhang ang saya naman ng pag stay nyo sis.

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