How I Pack for a Vacation: Mom Edition

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Technically, it was not really a vacation but just an overnight getaway from the Metro with my side of the family during the ASEAN long weekend. However, the way I packed our things for this overnight getaway was actually the same way I will pack for a legit vacation. I will just probably bring more but the process of packing is going to be the same.

I want to tell you a secret. I love packing for vacation weekend getaway. And recently, I discovered that I love to pack for my family. Somehow, it gives me great satisfaction. Unpacking, on the other hand, is a different story. I hate it. But let's not dwell on that right now.

I was so excited to pack for my husband but he said he got it covered. What a killjoy?! Just kidding! I know he doesn't want to bother me. I married an independent man after all. But sometimes I want to be that wife who takes care of her husband. Whatever! For this trip, I let him do his thing. I ended up packing for myself and my son. Still fun!

Before mommyhood, I was a heavy packer. I think I 'm still is. A little bit. But I kind of learned a few tricks here and there to make packing for a vacation easier. Today, I want to share them with you in case you need some of them. Let's face it, if you are a new mom, you may need all the help you can get. Am I right? I love easy packing for vacation tips, so if you have one or two make sure to let me know!

Okay! Let's get on with this. 

I make a checklist of all the things that I will bring for my baby. I used to have a checklist for myself but I kind of know what I need to bring by now with all the traveling in the past. However, I cannot pack without making a checklist for Jarvis. I get paranoid that I might forget something that he needs which happened to me during my first few months as a mom. Not cool! So I really have to take extra time to make a list to make sure we got everything we need.

Checklist for Baby

◻Bath Towels

◻Disposable Diapers
◻Diaper Rash Cream
◻Nail Clippers


◻Favorite Bedtime Story Books
◻Regular books
◻Favorite Toys (at least 5)
◻Portable Basket


◻Stainless Cup
◻Water Bottle
◻Vitamin C
Laundry bags

I also make sure to bring extra for clothes like shirts, shorts, pants, and PJs etc. You'll never know when those extras may come and handy especially for a toddler.

I like to use separate cubes for similar items. I was never organized. I used to laugh at my eldest sister because she has so many little pouches inside her bag. I secretly tried it before but it just made my bag even more disorganized. I enjoy rummaging my bag if I am looking for things. But parenting really changes a person. Now, I think my sister rub some of her organizational genes in me.

For this trip, I even bought a set of traveling cubes so I can organize our stuff better. I have my own cube for all my clothes including underwear. Then I have 1 cube dedicated to my husbands which he didn't use and another for our toiletries. I also have 1 pouch for my make up of course.  While our little man has 3 cubes all to himself. 

1 for his clothes
1 for his diapers, towels, washcloths etc. 
1 for his toiletries 

What I also like about putting similar items in separate cubes is that they are easy to unpack and pack again. It is also easy to look for things that you need. When you have a baby it is essential to be fast and efficient in everything you do. 

I use the Konmari folding technique to fold our clothes because it saves a lot of space than rolling them. I only dealt with minimal wrinkles, it doesn't really bother me. When you have a baby you need all the space you can get. 

First aid. I brought the basic first aid for my son. He is very active now. He walks faster than me. Good thing he has great balance #montessoribaby so he doesn't stumble that much. But I still have to bring first aid just in case. Here's my first aid list. I am not sure if these are enough, probably not. I would probably bring more for longer vacation. I am open to suggestions. 

First Aid Checklist

The grown-ups first aid, with all the medicine, was prepared by my mom. 

We pack his favorite toys and books. We have another bag for his toys and books. That bag should be near us at all times especially while traveling in case he needs entertainment on the road. We usually bring his favorites. I arrange his toys and books the Montessori way even when we are on vacation.

I have a portable basket. I can't remember if I bought it or if someone gave it to me. I got it a long time ago.  I don't use it as much but since I became a mom and I found out about Montessori, it has been one of my favorite things to bring when we travel. 

It looks like we packed a lot but trust me when I say we just brought what we need except for some extra for my son which were necessary. Oh well, if you are a mom, you probably know that. 

That's how I pack for vacation as a mom. Do you have any tip on how to pack for vacation? Let me know! Thanks for being here!

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  1. Very nice tips! I love the basket ha! Very useful specially with younger kids! I was so curious about the Konmari folding. I usually roll the clothes kasi mejo mahirap nga specially kapag mga maong ganyan! But yeah usually i make my own list din of the things we need for our trip. =)


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