Our Christmas Traditions

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One of the things that excite me the most when I was about to start a new family with my husband was adopting some Christmas traditions and creating new ones! I love everything about Christmas, in case you didn't know yet. Last year my husband and I didn't talk much about our Christmas traditions because our baby was still too young and we were too busy being new parents. But this year, I pinned him down on a chair and forced encouraged him to discuss with me the Christmas traditions that we are going to practice in our little family every year. 

My husband is a very nice guy but he's not that particular in traditions and practices during special occasions, including Christmas but he's very cooperative and receptive of my ideas, so yey for my husband!

Here are a few Christmas traditions that we are going to practice in our family every year. Most of it will start next year!

Attend simbang gabi. I miss going to the church for simbang gabi. I want to make this a tradition in our family and I hope we can work this out next year. I want Jarvis to be more aware of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Put Jesus in the Nativity. The birth of Jesus is the reason we have Christmas and I want to emphasize that in our family. On Christmas eve we will add Jesus to our Nativity set up.  I haven't found my Nativity set yet. I am hoping that I will be able to find the perfect one for our family next year. 

Decorate the Christmas tree together. Although, we didn't do it this year. You can read why in this post. But next year we will put it up for sure. I am already preparing for a theme I want to go for next year in my head. Yes, I am that excited.

Countdown to Christmas. I did a DIY countdown to Christmas frame /printable which you can download free here if you haven't already. We will write every day how many days 'til Christmas as soon as we put up all the Christmas decorations at home. When Jarvis gets old enough to write numbers, we will let him write the number of days. If he wants to of course. 

Put up Christmas theme shelves or space for Jarvis (our children in the future)  We love how our simple Montessori inspired Christmas shelves turned out this year. So we want to continue that. 

Tell our children the truth about Santa. I used to love the idea of Santa and before Jarvis, I was so excited to tell my children about him. But now that I have a child, I feel like, I really should tell him the truth. I know that the idea of telling the children about Santa and that he gives gifts to those who are nice sounds like a  good idea. But my husband and I decided to blew his cover. Sorry, Santa! 

We will tell Jarvis Santa stories but he will be informed that he is just a myth. There are so many fun things about Christmas that we should do than believing in Santa and making Santa a big deal. Jesus is the big deal during Christmas. 

Put gifts in Christmas Stoking. This I cannot pass up. I just know that Javis will have so much fun getting Christmas gifts from his stocking. Especially now that he is into getting things inside a bag or pouch. It is also a great work to develop his stereognostic sense (the ability to identify objects based on touch alone, without seeing them). I will share what are we going to put on his stocking in my next post. 

Do the Advent Calendar. Aside from the Christmas countdown, we also want to do the advent calendar. There will be advent calendar theme every year or not, depending on what we will agree on. Some of the themes I can think of right now are 25 random gifts for us (mom, dad, and Jarvis). It can also be 25 family activities, bible verses to read or act of kindness. I am so excited for this. 

I've been searching for the perfect advent calendar this year. Unfortunately, I cannot find one that I really like and not that expensive. I was so busy looking that I forgot that I can actually DIY an advent calendar! Thus we ended up not having one this year. But next year if I haven't found the one that I like, I will just DIY. 

Reading Christmas books together. I want to have a large collection of Christmas books. I want Jarvis and I or Daddy to read Christmas books together. Right now, Jarvis doesn't care much about his Christmas books. He's still fixated on his favorite books and that's totally okay.  He will get there eventually.

That's all the Christmas traditions we are planning to practice in our little family. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I shared mine on this post in case you are interested. Merry Christmas! Thanks for being here!


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