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My son is now 18 months. Oh, how time flies?!. Last year, I am still carrying him wherever we go, now I have to run to keep up with him. Oh, my little boy is not so little anymore. 

I wish I wrote a monthly blog post on his progress until he turned one. But it was hard to write and take care of a baby back then because everything was still so new.  I cannot say that it's easier now but I learn some tricks so I can easily write a blog post. Thus here I am now, sharing you how's my son's doing now that he is 18 months. 

He still sleeps through the night. Thank God! He wakes up before me because I sleep late. I get my "me time" when he sleeps around 8:30 to 9 PM and I can't get enough of it. He usually kisses my face to wake me up in the morning, either that, or he will try to raise my night shirt so he can nurse. But mostly the former. And I love waking up from his kisses. My little boy is so sweet. 

He is not a breakfast person. Feeding him breakfast was very challenging. We offered him a variety of choices yet he still doesn't eat much in the morning. Sometimes, he doesn't eat at all. At first it's stressing me and my husband out but eventually, we accepted that probably he is not a breakfast person. Or maybe because he nurses before getting up that's why he's still full when we offer food.  He eats lunch and dinner alright though. 

Like a typical toddler, he wants to do things that will require maximum effort. He is so strong. He can pull a dining chair around. He likes to push his older cousin while she's in her "toy vehicle". He can carry a full large water bottle. Most of all, he likes to climb. We just allowed him to climb some safe spots around the house. Like his weaning table, our sofas, our bed, and my mom's center table because he can safely go up and down from there. Sometimes, we allowed him to climb the stairs at my sister's house. They do not have banisters and the stairs are made of cement, so we don't feel he's a hundred percent safe to climb there all the time. But man, he can climb that stairs without help. 

He's still fond of throwing things. He has a basket full of balls that he can throw anytime he wants which mostly 1/4 of his day. His set of Infantino ball worth every centavo we spent on them.  It has been on his shelf since he turned 9 months. He uses them every single day.

He can carry a basket using both of his hands. Unlike before that he will just pull the basket out of his shelf and let the content fall on the floor. Now, he takes out the basket using both of his hands before emptying them. 

He still doesn't do a lot of posting work.  I already accepted that he is not ready for it. I tried several posting works for him. He will do them once and never again. 

But I notice that he loves some practical life activities like sweeping the floor, wiping surfaces and tidying up the bed (magpagpag ng bed). He also gets excited when we change the sheets and pillowcases. He likes to help remove the old fitted sheet. 

Reading book is still his downtime activity. See his favorite books at the moment below this post.

His sensitive period for order is kicking in. I was so fascinated to witness his legit manifestation of this sensitive period. I thought it will never come.  

Jarvis loves to play with my yoga mat which he always finds near our bathroom door (in our bedroom). One day he decided to use it, once done, he dragged it back to where he got it. The mat wasn't rolled like how I usually keep it but what can you expect from an 18-month-baby right?

Another thing he likes doing is taking out the content of a drawer or closet especially the part where we put our towels and bed sheets. One day, he pulled out one towel and explored it. Once done, he shoved it back into the closet. He also tries to return some of the things he pulls out from his drawer. But since there are a lot of contents in the drawer he cannot return them all. 

I wish I was able to capture those moments on camera because when you have a toddler who likes to explore and make a mess, those were precious moments.  However, I mostly don't use my phone around him anymore because he gets so distracted. My special book is so overused I need to replace it na

He loves to play with water. Bathing him and washing his butt when he poops take a lot of time nowadays because we allow him to play with water for a while (or until he's satisfied).

He is into biting slapping and throwing stage. We notice that he does those things when he gets cranky, frustrated or angry. At first, of course, those actions bother me and my husband. Thus I started researching online so we can assist him at this stage of his development. 

I am currently reading the book No Bad Kids, Discipline Without Shame by Janet Lansbury and it has been very helpful to understand what's my son is going through. I will expound on this topic in my next post. But if you are a mom of a toddler who bites, kicks, slaps etc... then I highly recommend you read the book as well. 

Here are other tidbits about Jarvis at 18 months:

Favorite books 

Little Animal Book, Jonah and the Big Fish, Words, Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti and his all-time favorite, the Owl Babies.

Favorite Toys 

Wires and Beads Maze (still), toy cars (we got him a couple more for Christmas) and balls.

Favorite Food

Fish and sweets (fruits, cakes, and chocolates.) He got it from his mama...

That would be all for this week's post. As always, thanks for being here!

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  1. It's amazing to see how a child / Jarvis grows. I am glad to have blogged about some of my moments with my children when they were growing up. Because honestly now that I'm a bit older, I don't seem to remember much now. Reading back brings up memories.


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