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Happy New Year friends! It took me awhile to update this blog for 2018 because I was busy writing goals and starting to work on some of them right away. However, a few days after the new year we lost internet connection. We still don't have connection today. I am just using mobile data. I feel really disappointed because some of my goals depend on having a reliable internet connection. But I don't want this minor set back to get to me. I want to start my year on a positive note. 

I have considered sharing my 2018 goals on this blog so that I'll be more accountable to work on them. But then, I decided to just keep it to myself for now. I just feel that it's too personal to share. Anybody else feels the same way about sharing their goals online? I see a lot of bloggers very comfortable in sharing theirs and to be honest, I enjoy hearing or reading their goals but I really cannot bring myself to share mine. 

So today I'll just share some things that happened that I am grateful for. I know that writing the things I am grateful for will help me appreciate life despite challenges. I want to focus more on positive things this year. 

Last Sunday, my side of the family had lunch at Alab located at Venice Grand Canal Mall to celebrate one of nieces' birthday. We had so much fun. I always wanted to go there but something always comes up whenever we decided to go. Finally, last Sunday it happened. I really like the ambiance of the mall. Jarvis enjoyed looking at the Grand Canal. I did too. Too bad my husband wasn't able to join us because he needs to sleep. 

I think I manifested something for the first time. Well, I could have manifested something into existence before but this is the first time that I am fully conscious that I manifested something I want. You know what I mean? I am following a couple of YouTubers who mostly talk about the law of attraction. I am kind of drawn to that topic recently. Of course, I heard about it before but it really didn't pick my interest until recently. 

So yeah I think I manifested something for the first time. Here's my story. While packing for our stuff to bring in Mckinley Hill, I kept thinking and imagining myself wearing a leather backpack that converts to a crossbody bag. Just the perfect size for our stuff. I don't bring a lot of stuff when we go out especially if we are just going to the mall. I try to fit everything in a small crossbody bag (see picture above). Somehow our stuff was so cramped in my small bag that night that's why kept thinking of that particular leather bag. I don't want to bring a bigger bag because my husband was not coming with us. It would be difficult for me to carry a bigger bag and my baby at the same time. I know my family will help me carry our bag but if I can manage on my own, I will not bother them.

When we arrived at the mall we passed by a bazaar and the first thing we saw was the bag I wanted for only Php 500. It was exactly the bag I pictured in my mind. When I say I liked it, my mom said she will buy it for me. I really don't care much about the brand because the quality is really nice. I was in awe when I'm finally holding the bag. I know it's just a bag but I really feel I manifested it. First of all, I have no plan in buying a bag, secondly, even if I want it, I will not buy it using my own money. Also, the fact that it was given to me makes this experience even more awesome. I am grateful for it and it feels nice to be grateful even for the little things. 

On that same day, Jarvis experiences something for the first time. He played in the mall play area with other kids. I was a bit reluctant to bring him there because most play area like that seems to be overwhelming for kids.  But since I was already tired of carrying him around and I want to observe him in such environment, I decided to give it a try. I also thought that it's a great opportunity for him to meet other children.

Just a typical Montessori baby, he observed first and did not run around right away. We thought he's not going to go inside. Yet he did! He went for the familiar toy right away, then roam around a little bit and found a spot where he can throw and dumb stuff. 

And he throws and dumbs to his heart content. But that lego corner was not safe for throwing because he might hurt other kids. Thus I encouraged him to go to the area where he can actually throw things. 

We went to the ball pit and there he spent the rest of his 40 mins throwing balls. Non-stop you guys! I can't believe a baby can spend such amount of time doing the same thing over and over again. For toddlers, throwing things is normal and it is fun for them. Besides, the reason we pay to be in that play area is for him to have fun. I just sat there and observed the whole time. I am pretty sure he threw close to a hundred balls. See him in action here.

When our time was over, I told him that we have to go and gently removed him from the pit. He did not struggle. Probably because he satisfied his need to throw.  So far, I like the experience. I get to rest and watch him throw balls.

I didn't realize until now that a lot of good things happened that day. It's a great start to the year right? I truly believe that 2018 is going to be the best year for us! I hope you feel the same way too. Happy 2018 to you! Thanks for being here!


  1. Cheers to a fruitful 2018 to us, sis! ♥ I am on hiatus sa blogging currently because of personal reasons but I will be back soon (hence the overdue in reciprocation, lol). Good job, Jarvis! It's been quite a while when Nate last visited a playhouse, we should go back soon also. :)

  2. Like you, I also have my own personal goals but my list is for my eyes only. :) We were supposed to go there at Grand Canal last month pero hindi nangyari. My husband went there kasi and he said, maganda daw and he even sent me pictures.

  3. Happy new year mommy and it's great to have time with your family once in a while. Baby Railey also recently went to Kidzoona last weekend and also enjoyed playing in the ball pit. But his also fond of the slide. I guess babies have this thing with balls.


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