Mommy Hacks: Budget-Friendly Organizing and Cleaning Hacks

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There are tons of organizing and cleaning hacks on the internet particularly on Pinterest.  I am guilty of trigger-happy pinning them on my Pinterest board. However, when I try to apply those organizing and cleaning hacks in my own home, I realized that not many of them work for us and some are not even budget-friendly.  Let's face it, some hacks require us to buy a certain item in order to implement them in our home.

Since I became I mom, I've been constantly searching for solutions to make our home more organized without spending a lot.  One of my popular posts on this blog is about organizational hacks to save space. I am not surprised because I know, that majority of my readers are moms like me. Us moms have so much on our plate already, so if we discover something that can make our life easier, we welcome it with open arms! Right? And then share our discoveries with other moms! Thus here I am today doing just that!

I am going to share with you four simple budget-friendly organizing and cleaning hacks that you can actually implement as soon as possible. These are my absolute favorite hacks I discovered last year and I think they are worth sharing.

Organize your beddings and save closet storage by folding your beddings and pillowcases nicely then put all of them in one matching pillowcase. You'll save a lot of space in your closet and they look more organized. Not to mention it will be easier for you to change your beddings next time because everything you need is inside that one pillowcase.

It will also save your sanity especially if you have a toddler like me who loves to pull everything out of the closet. One of my son's favorite pastime is pulling out beddings paraphernalia from our closet and prompt me to change the sheets. The number of stuff, I need to refold and stack in the closet made me crazy. But since I started using this hack, it made my life so much easier. I only have to deal with one pillowcase which I can easily shove back inside the closet. Also, it will be easier for him to return them if he wants too. Lately, he's been manifesting his sensitive period for order.

Save time in changing the trash bag in your trash bin by lining two to three trash bags at the same time. I love this simple hack because dealing with trash is my least favorite task. It helps that I don't have to line trash bag every time I throw the trash. This hack is very simple yet very helpful.   

Use toilet paper rolls to store wires charger, earphones, and other small knick-knacks. Wires, wires, and more wires. It makes me crazy. I tried putting them in one drawer, I also tried rolling them with rubber bands or ribbons and put them in a box but somehow they still end up everywhere. So I figured, I'll try this hack. It works because all I have to do after using my wire charger is shove it inside the tissue roll in my drawer and it's out of my sight. Same with other things that can easily pile up and make a mess like flash drives, hair ties, pens etc. 

Do some spot cleaning every day instead of cleaning the whole house in one day. This applies to those moms who don't have house help like we do. I am grateful because both men I live with (my husband and Papa, an uncle who I consider my second father) can clean up after themselves and help maintain the cleanliness of the house. Thus I only clean the areas they don't cover. That's our bedroom, the bathroom in our bedroom and some areas in the kitchen.

Since I look after my son, I can only do cleaning when my husband is home or when my baby is sleeping. But since my husband works graveyard sometimes he's still asleep during the day. Over time, I learned to just do spot cleaning daily rather than spend one whole day cleaning everything that needs to be cleaned. I make a schedule of a spot I can clean for a short amount of time daily. 

Let say for this day, I will clean up the toilet bowl and the bathroom walls in the morning and do the floor in the evening. Then the following day I will clean the oven and microwave. It really depends on how much time I have for cleaning every day. I don't have a lot of time to tell you the truth because I still do other things aside from taking good care of my son. But doing some spot cleaning is a great hack to still somehow stay on top of your home cleaning game. 

What are your favorite organizing and cleaning hacks? I hope you find this post helpful. Thanks for being here!


  1. I like the tip on storing beddings. I think I'll do that from now on. It's hard to get things clean and organized in our home with 5 children and a husband. We don't have house help also.

    1. Aww.. I get that organizing can be really tough with 5 children. We are already struggling to keep ours space organize and we only have one toddler. 😂

  2. Thanks for sharing those hacks mommy. I am keeping those toilet rolls in case I need them in the future and just like you, I am doing that hack. The trash bin is something new to me so we might try that soon. Spot-cleaning is what I also do in the evening or whenever I'm home but most of the time, since I am a working mom, I clean on fri nights until the wee hrs while baby is sleeping.

  3. Like you, I don't helper so I also do spot cleaning. I just list all the chores that I need and I will do it within the week. :)


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