Life Update: Failed Mama Moment, New Addition to Our Montessori Space and More

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It's been a while since I last blogged and I miss it! When I put up this blog I told myself that I am just going to chill and not strain myself if I don't have a post. So that's exactly what I did. I just love that I have this personal space where I can write whenever the inspiration strikes. I want to put up this life update post first to make myself feel the blogging vibe again. 

Let's start with the few additions in our room which also serve as our little Montessori at home space to accommodate our little one's growing need. He is 21 months now. 

 We added a work table on his play area because he already showed interest in scribbling. I thought it's a great opportunity to prepare him for writing.  Here I put scratch bond papers and wooden pen/crayon holder with washable crayons.  No expectations,  I just allow him to explore.  I just want him to familiarize himself with pen/ crayons, paper and how to use them properly. 

However, one day,  I decided to use the poor table as a stool so I can change the curtain. What am I thinking right? I fell, thankfully I wasn't hurt. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the table, it broke two of its legs.  Failed mama moment right there!  I was so devastated.  I hope we can find replacement legs soon.  

 We set up his potty area.  Initially,  we are going for the straight to the grown-up toilet bowl training but I changed my mind because the first idea proved to be difficult in our current set up.  To be honest, we haven't used it yet.  We are still in the familiarization period. But mostly, I am waiting for the right timing. I remember what Trina (@diycorporatemom) told me when I asked her advice regarding potty training, she said "We don't train them but assist them when they are ready" and I think that's the respectful way to do it thus I want to follow her advice. 

✯ I started introducing basic colors to Jarvis.  Nothing structured though. I just put these rainbow stackers on his shelf and whenever he pays attention to them I will say the name of the colors casually. Sometimes, when he's up for it, I request him to give me a certain color. He can now recognize yellow and blue and can say the words too.  

✯ We introduced him to painting too. Since we already introduced him to colors, I figured it's time to let him paint.  It was a hit.  He loves it so much that we pretty much do it every day because he's asking that we do it.  I shared a decluttering project before where I clean a certain space in our house that will serve as his art area.  We now do our painting there. Since we have a designated area for painting, it's easy for Jarvis to communicate when he wants to paint #preparedenvironment.  I will talk more about our painting experience/area in my next post.  

✯ He can say a few words but he's not really talking yet. He blabbers a lot though. I am not worried yet, although I try to talk to him and read to him more. He likes reading so much too. 

✯  We are still maximizing the use of flashcards and miniature objects for language opportunities. I must say this simple reinforcement helps a lot. Right now we have a miniature horse and its flashcard on our language tray because we encountered some of them during our walk in the park last weekend. Before the horse, we have a miniature bird on his language tray because he was into his bird book at that time. You can read the story here. Also, if you want to know where I get the flashcards that we use, I have free printable that you can download for free here.

As for me... 

✯ I changed my phone because I broke the old one. I am not planning on buying a new one anytime soon so I was really devastated when I broke my old one. But it's a blessing in disguise because I love my new phone,  especially the camera.  I went to a mediocre unit,  just the Samsung J7+  but I love the specs. Just exactly what I need. 

I particularly enjoy using the live focus option on its camera which gives me this kind of photo. 

Blur background/Unedited

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed catching up with us.  Thanks for being here! 


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