A Day in the Life : Stay at Home Mom and Montessori Baby

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I've been meaning to share a day in the life of myself and my son.  But it's really hard to capture everything in photos. So I figured it would be nice to just capture our day in videos and since I already have a YouTube channel I decided to upload it there.  

If you want to know how I try to Montessori at home and how Jarvis works on his materials in action?  Watch our first ever vlog.  I must admit though that it is not perfect.  I am still struggling to look at the camera all the time instead of my phone screen.  A lot of footages were also shaky #newbievlogger here and of course, I look pale and awkward most of the time but hey I have to start somewhere right?  And I guess,  all Youtubers will agree that their first few Youtube videos were awkward.  I have to go through that as well to learn. 

I hope despite the perfections, you'll enjoy the rawness of this video.  #reallife and if you want more don't forget to subscribe.  All you need is a Gmail account to subscribe!  I also have subscribe button on the upper part of my sidebar so just click it! Do it now or you'll be cursed for life! Just kidding but seriously subscribe!  Thanks for being here!

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