Budget-Friendly Art Space for a Toddler

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If you frequent this blog,  you probably know that we have a small terrace at home that we are using as an additional play area for Jarvis. We really want that to be an art space for him or an area where he can do messy activities such as transferring,  pouring and the like. 

Recently,  I gathered some materials and put together a legit art space for him.  It's not much.  I also didn't put a lot of art materials but I am planning to add little by little as we go along.  For now, I want him to maximize the use of available materials first.  I also want to model first how to properly use them and how to clean up after.  Actually,  at this point, he can now return the art materials in their proper places.  

This time, instead of showing you just photos,  I decided to put together video clips on how I set-up our budget-friendly art space for a toddler.  I hope you like this new format of sharing our ever-evolving space and our life as a family.  If you want more mommy and baby related videos like this please let me know.  It would really mean a lot to me if you also subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Hala shameless plug na to! 

Please be nice to me it's my first time and since it's hard to take videos using our gigantic DSLR and take care of a toddler at the same time,  I just used my phone to get the clips.  I even edited the video and did the voice-over using my phone. 

I am still torn whether I should speak English or Filipino or Taglish in my videos.  But in this video, I speak mostly English but I really want to try and speak mostly Filipino next time, after all my target audience are Filipino moms like me.  I just feel like I should speak English when  I am doing a voice-over versus when I am talking in front of the camera. But I am not English speaking talaga.  Haha.. And hey.... Will I ever get the courage to talk in front of the camera? We'll see! I may or may not have been practicing.  Haha... For now, enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

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