Montessori Inspired Play Area for 22 Months

12:39 PM Mayen Acebron 0 Comments

The last time I shared the content of our Montessori inspired shelf, Jarvis was only 14 months then. After that, I never shared the content of our shelf again because there was nothing exciting about his 15 months onward shelf. During that time, he barely notices the content of his shelf except when he wants to remove them all so he can have a clear path for climbing and when that wasn't enough he will go around the house climbing chairs and tables. He would also drag whatever he can drag from one point to another. He was clearly in a sensitive period for movement then. 

However, when he turned 21 months I noticed that he became interested in working on certain materials again. After observing him, I decided to pay careful attention to what I put on his shelf based on his current interests and needs. After a month of observation and trial and error, I must say I finally hit the jackpot in terms of what materials should I put on his shelf.  

With that, I decided to share the content of his shelf now that he is 22 months. And since I already have a Youtube channel, I made a video about it so you can also see how he uses most of the materials on his shelf. So if you are interested to know what's in our 22 months Montessori inspired shelf watch this video! Then if you want more videos like this, don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  



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