Why We Decided to Homeschool our Son for Preschool

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My husband and I are planning to homeschool Jarvis for preschool. So on August 18, 2018, I took a day off from my regular job (being a mom) and attended an event for those who want to start preschool homeschool. The event was held at The Parenting Emporium.  It was entitled,  Starting Your Preschool Homeschool by the Learning Basket Shop. I must say it was a very productive couple of hours for me because I learned a lot. I attended the seminar to find out how homeschooling is being done in the Philippines and if it is really what we want for our son.  So far, it answered so many of our questions that helped us to finalize our decision.  

So yes, we will homeschool Jarvis for preschool.  My husband and I agreed that going to school at age 3 or younger is still too young. We don't want to subject him early to traditional teaching wherein he will be expected to perform tasks even though he's not ready for them yet or they are not his interests.  We want him to love learning and studying and not force it on him. We want him to enjoy his childhood as much as possible.  We want to make sure he'll have the best childhood that we can provide him.

know that people have different perspectives when it comes to homeschooling.  Some may think that it is going to sabotage his socialization skills. Many believe that the child will miss out so much if he did not experience the thrill of the first day of school which I totally understand because I was one of them before, so as my husband until we discover another option that appeal to us best.  I always share what I learn to my husband so we can learn together and be on the same page.  

As a child, I remember I was also so thrilled to go to school for the first time but after a few weeks,  my excitement died down and I just want to stay home and play.  So that's not a monumental experience on our book.  Jarvis will have his first day of school thrill when he is ready! For now, we only plan to homeschool him for preschool. We want to test the water first then we'll see if we can extend it to grade school. We will also listen to Jarvis, if he expresses a desire to go to school then we will happily oblige.

I am actually excited to start homeschooling him but I am also nervous at the same time. There are so many questions in my head.  So many doubts.  Is this really something that I can do considering I have a temper? Because with homeschooling, patience is very important. Will I be good enough for him?  Will he listen to me?  Will he learn from me?  I know it's going to be tough but my desire to preserve Jarvis' innocence and his enjoyment of his childhood help motivate me.  I hope all the preparations I'm doing now to be a "prepared adult" will help us both next year when we officially start homeschooling.  Please pray for us. 

Meanwhile,  I want to share with you some important information I picked up from the seminar. 

  I found out that the government in the Philippines requires children to go to school at age 5 (kindergarten). I was led to believe or should I say "we"- that it is imperative to send our children to school at age three.  Well,  we don't have to if we don't want to! Therefore, it is okay to teach our children at home from age 3 to 5 if that's what you prefer.  It's all about your preference as a parent, so don't be pressured if you think your child is not ready yet.  Also,  you can homeschool your child even after preschool if that's what you really want. 

  As for the curriculum, the speaker advised that if you think you need it then go for it or look for a curriculum that you are comfortable with.  However, it is not necessary. Moreover,  researching would be very helpful.  As for us, we are leaning towards incorporating Montessori method on our approach, more on following the child's lead and not rushing him on anything because I believe that children have different timetables. Also, I believe that being first doesn't mean the best.  

  If you are planning to homeschool multiple children it is important to note that what works with one child doesn't mean will work with the others.  Refrain from comparing and just accept their uniqueness and individuality.  This also means that I should avoid comparing my child to other children.  It should be okay if he cannot do or doesn't want to do certain tasks other children at his age can and want to do!  I should really follow my own child.  

  There are three kinds of people who will question your decision to homeschool:

First are the people who truly care and love you and your child/children.  They are questioning your decision because they are concerned about your child and they also want what's best for him.  Most likely they just don't understand or maybe they are not familiar with homeschooling. So be patient with them and help them I understand

Another kind of people who might question your decision to homeschool is those who secretly want to homeschool themselves but afraid to do it because they are not confident with their knowledge.  So educate them as well or share your learnings with them.  

And finally, those people who just want to annoy you or don't believe in your capabilities. Just ignore them, move on and prove them wrong! 

I must say I love this part of my discovery, as I know I will encounter these three kinds of people on our journey to homeschooling.  At least now,  I know how to handle them and not think that everyone who questions us has bad intentions.  

  Our speaker from the seminar is homeschooling her 3 children and she says that socialization was never been an issue.  I want to discuss this here because this seems to be the main concern of many people when they found out we want to homeschool our son. 

Here's the thing, being with family members,  playing with cousins,  siblings,  kid neighbors, talking to other people inside/outside home are all forms of socialization.  If you want, you can also enroll your child in certain classes, like for example art class,  music class,  sports,  etc.  Classes that you know your child will enjoy. You can pick a class with children the same age as your child for additional knowledge and socialization exposure. 

To be honest, socialization is the least of my worries. I have a big family and so as my husband.  Jarvis has so many boy cousins that he can play with and those boys are super nice kuyas that I really want Jarvis to be associated with. He also has girl cousins which he enjoys playing with. Actually one good thing about homeschooling (picked it up from @montessorrionmars) is that you can choose the kind of children you want your child to socialize with. 

I know that some people may not understand our choice and may even think we are ridiculous and that our child will miss out so much in the world.  Others may even think we just don't want to spend for school expenses or we are trying to protect him too much.  Well,  we are protecting him alright,  that's understandable we are parents.  As for not spending,  well, I am not sure about that,  we need learning materials,  books (for him and for me), pieces of furniture, a budget for field trips and other outdoor activities. So I am pretty sure we are still going to spend some money, it's just that we are free to decide where we want to spend more or less.  

As for missing out?  Well,  he will experience things a regular preschooler will never experience inside a classroom.  He is free to explore certain topics or activities as long as he wants until he exhausted it too much he's ready to move on to another.  He will be given enough time to learn certain topics that he might find challenging until he is confident enough to move on to the next. He can learn and play at the same time.  He doesn't have to wake up at a certain time if he doesn't want to. Bonus, he gets to be with me all the time. So no,  he will not miss out on anything,  in fact, he will gain more! 

At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure that Jarvis will grow with less issues about himself.  We want to build his confidence by not overpraising him,  instill the right values and faith, make sure he knows how hard work pays off not because he will get a high grade or a star ot a reward but because it is something that he can do to improve himself. For himself and not for anyone else. I don't want to raise a people pleaser.  I want him to be confident with his own skin,  with his own ideas and with his own identity. 

We are not going to shield him from the imperfections of the world. In fact, we will open his mind to what awaits him outside with proper guidance and explanation.

I am not saying that all these can't be learned in school. But we just know that we have a better chance of realizing our goal if we do the teaching ourselves especially in his formative years.

I know that we parents have different goals and beliefs on how we want to raise our children.  This is the path that we chose and we are comfortable with our decision.  

What are your thoughts about homeschooling? Feel free to share.  I won't judge . 😉


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